#eebooAroundTown- A visit to Black Ink

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Red and brown

Happy New Year! To kick off 2017, we sat down with a long-time friend and customer Susan at Black Ink to hear all about her inspiration for opening two stores in Massachusetts!

black ink 4

Quick intro, who are you? Tell us a little about yourself!

As co-founder and owner of Black Ink, I am buyer, creative director, bookkeeper, master ladder-climber, curator, repository of obscure product information and chief maintenance engineer.  Luckily my mid-western upbringing gave me the necessary skills to operate a retail business – a crazy work ethic and resilience. Good thing, as I am also a single parent. My kids grew up in the stores, and now as young adults both work part-time with me. We’ve come full-circle!

black ink 2

In which neighborhoods are your stores located in?

There are two Black Ink stores, the original on Charles Street in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston and the subsequent on Brattle Street in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Our two communities are just three miles apart on opposite sides of the Charles River, yet so different.

How long have the stores been open? Tell us your inspiration for opening and a little about your aesthetic. What kind of goods do you sell?

We first opened on Charles Street in 1994, fortunate to be given the chance to test our theories. As the business grew, product selection was informed by our experiences as parents, home-owners and members of the community. When the opportunity to expand to Harvard Square arose in 2002 we took all that we had learned and prepared to meet the challenge.

Black Ink was named for my favorite color to stamp with, yet our product selection soon expanded from rubber stamps and paper to include just about any category that felt compelling. There was a lot of experimenting as we sought goods that were functional, well-designed and fun to use. My love of paperclips, rubber bands, clothes pins, erasers and ephemera is still obvious in our mix. I discover many things while traveling with my kids, we love to get out and experience other cultures and come back home with a fresh perspective and maybe a few new product ideas.

 What were your favorite toys to play with as a child?

As a child I enjoyed detailed drawing and sketching, and made paper-dolls for my many younger siblings. I also learned to sew my own clothing – beginning a lifetime of projects including ceramics, jewelry making, weaving, carpentry and product design.

black ink 5

black ink 1

 Which eeBoo toy is your favorite? Why?

eeBoo has long been a creative staple at Black Ink! There are a few absolute favorites/long term sellers – notably the French and Spanish Flash Cards and Bingo sets. Over the years we’ve also kept About Face on our shelves at all times and recently added puzzles. These products are constantly being newly discovered by customers as well-designed and really timeless interactive games. The aesthetic is just right.

Tell us about some of your favorite spots in your stores respective neighborhoods!

In Boston and Cambridge we are accustomed to sharing our community with the world. When asked, my staff and I always recommend local businesses, which are the backbone of our neighborhoods.

Harvard Square, what can I say? Most people begin their adventure in the Yard (Harvard University’s historic epicenter) and wander out to the actual “square” (which is not square by the way) to really experience the essence of our community.  On any given day you will hear multiple languages being spoken, interact with students and locals, and see our ever-changing urban landscape. Look closely for the truly local independent establishments: Harvard Book Store, Curious George,  Leavitt & Peirce, Bob Slate Stationers, and of course Black Ink. On a daily basis we suggest Crema for a great local cafe, and our neighbor Cardullo’s – best deli around – not to mention great people watching from their outdoor tables, Charlie’s Kitchen for a beer, and Tealuxe – not just for tea, for an experience.

Charles Street in Boston is a must for visitors, with probably the greatest concentration of local businesses in the city. Stroll down the street from the Charles Street stop on the Red Line to experience an authentic visit to the city, grab some food, peruse the many shops and boutiques and head for the Public Garden (swan boats, ducklings, et al.)

Hope to see you here soon.

Thanks, Susan! We really enjoyed learning about your stores and how you got started with Black Ink! Something that we at eeBoo noticed on your blog, but that you did not mention in this interview, is that you frequently donate proceeds from your sales to Planned Parenthood and Partners In Health, a Boston-based organization that has been working in Haiti for years on health issues, setting up hospitals and training caregivers.  We want to call out your good deeds and express gratitude toward you for giving back where you can! You’re an inspiration to us and a great reminder to spend our dollars within our communities!

Check out the interactive map featuring Susan’s local picks for both Cambridge & Boston below!

Are you a small retailer? Do you carry eeBoo? We want to hear from you!

#eeBooAroundTown showcases small businesses we work with from around the country. Small businesses are vital to local communities, and are the heart of our business. Do you want to participate in our #eeBooAroundTown series? Reach out to samantha@eeboo.com for inclusion!

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Meet our *Best Toy Award* Winners

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award 1award 2award 3 award 4

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craft idea: mushroom toss!

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Here at eeBoo, we love to get crafty and to inspire creativity! Our newest hire, Laura, decided to work with a bundle of eeBoo craft supplies to create a fun Autumn activity for everyone in the family to enjoy!  You can use the tutorial below to make your own Mushroom Toss game, or you can use the skills and ideas in this project to inspire your own wonderful creations! The possibilities are endless!  Head over to eeBoo on Facebook or Instagram to see more of this fun project! #BeCrafty





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Our Favorite Gifts for the Election Season

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election season

shop eeBoo’s election themed products & more educational toys here.

Use promo code PENCIL for Free Shipping on your order over $50. US Only. Through 10/15/16.

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#eeBooAroundTown- Hanging out at Momo’s Tree House in Philly

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Blue and Blush

Happy August! Today, we are going to take you to Philly to learn more about Momo’s Tree House, a local store where children can explore, play and craft! We sat down with the owner Heather to learn more about the inspiration behind Momo’s Tree House and life in Philadelphia!

momos treehouse outside

Quick intro, who are you? A little about you!

I’m Heather and I’m originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, and I’ve lived in Philadelphia since I graduated college in 2009. I don’t have much of a Southern accent any more, but I do say “y’all,” so it’s pretty obvious that I didn’t grow up here. My husband and I love mountains- hiking when it’s warm and skiing when it’s cold. I’m a competitive swimmer. My life revolves around toys, swim practice, and family, so maybe I haven’t changed much since I was 8.

momos fan 2

Where is your store located? How would you describe your local community?

We are located in Old City, the historic district of downtown Philadelphia. We’re quite close to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Ben Franklin’s house, and plenty of other historical attractions. Old City is also Philly’s hub for hip independent boutiques and art galleries.

Most of our customers are young families. More and more couples are choosing to stay in the city to raise their children. We also get plenty of visitors to Philadelphia. It’s fun to meet people from all over the world and to be part of their Philly experience.

momos treehouse register

momos store

How long has your store been open? Tells us your inspiration for opening and a little about your aesthetic. What kind of goods do you sell?

Momo’s Tree House opened in November of 2014. My vision was to build a store where kids explore, play, and discover. We have a large play area and a cute little craft table that’s always available. We also have demo products all over the store.

Our core belief is that children learn through play. When I’m looking for new products, I’m thinking about how children play and how play helps them reach milestones. I tell my customers that it’s not about what the toy can do; it’s about what the child does with the toy. We stay away from electronics and licensed characters in favor of items that encourage creative, child-directed play.

What were your favorite toys to play with as a child?

I enjoyed building. As a preschooler, I loved a set of wooden blocks at my grandparents’ house. When I was older, I loved marble runs. My sister and I hosted quite a few parties for our stuffed animals.

momos seq

Which eeBoo toy is your favorite? Why?

We have a Best Pals’ Diner Pretend Play set displayed at our in-store play kitchen, and it gets a lot of attention. Children love to pretend to cook for their parents. Sometimes they even take my order and prepare something for me! It’s adorable to watch their imaginations at work.

Tell us about some nearby spots in your neighborhood! Food, drink, anything fun!

History buffs love Old City. My favorite historical site is Independence Hall, and I highly recommend that visitors take the time to go inside. The surrounding national park is beautiful, especially the 18th Century garden. I love having so much green space in the middle of the city.

Khyber Pass Pub is my favorite spot for after work. It’s one of those cozy neighborhood bars where the food is delicious and everyone is always in a good mood.

Old City is full of independent boutiques like Momo’s. My favorite shops are Scarlett Alley for women’s gifts, and Art in the Age for men’s gifts, and Lost + Found for myself.

Check out Heather’s picks on the map below!

#eeBooAroundTown showcases small businesses we work with from around the country. Small businesses are vital to local communities, and are the heart of our business. Do you want to participate in our #eeBooAroundTown series? Reach out to samantha@eeboo.com


Hue Do You Love? eeBoo’s New Plush!

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Made with love by eeBoo. Find at your local retailer, or order here.

Orders on our website are filled by local retailers whenever possible.

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#eeBooAroundTown-Getting to know Brookside Toy and Science

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 Happy Summer! For the latest in our #eeBooAroundTown series, we traveled to the hometown of eeBoo’s International Sales Manager Emily to hear all about the store where she worked  long before her days at eeBoo!  Brookside Toy and Science is located in Kansas City, Missouri. This local favorite is stocked with a variety of items including toys, games, dolls, collectibles, science kits, oddities and more.  Read below as we chat with owners Jim and Mary Jo Ward about their store, their community, and even taxidermy!

eeBoo with  staff

 Quick intro, who are you? A little about you!

J: I’m Jim Ward and I’m 62. I started working in the store in 1964 for my mother. In 1970, I left and worked in commercial real estate. In 1995 I came back to the toy store and bought it from my mother.

MJ: Hi! I’m Mary Jo. I married Jim in 1978, and previous to that, I taught elementary school.

Where is your store located? How would you describe your local community?

 We are located in Brookside at 330. W. 63rd street in Kansas City, MO. It is a quant neighborhood with 100-year-old homes and lots of big trees. It is occupied by young families and professionals. There are lots of sidewalks and beautiful parks; statues and fountains.

How long has your store been open? Tell us your inspiration for opening and a little about your aesthetic. What kind of goods do you sell?

J: My mother bought the store in 1964 because she had five children and was always shopping here for birthday parties and there were lots of large Catholic  families in the neighborhood- many families had 10-12 kids.  A few years later, in 1967, mom bought a 50-year-old science company and that began a specialty niche for us.

In addition to toys and games, your store features some very unique items.  Tell us about  the taxidermy!

 J: Years ago I was in a lodge on lake Table Rock near Branson, Missouri before the store here was filled with taxidermy and it was a real draw. I thought it might be a good attraction for us and it has been! All of the mounts are from estate sales. Nobody here hunts.


Two Headed Duck

 What were your favorite toys to play with as a child?

 J: I loved building models, race cars, gas powered airplanes and Estes rockets.

MJ: I loved playing games, especially  Monopoly, and card games. I wasn’t big on dolls, but I did have Pitiful Pearl and Chatty Cathy. My favorite activity with friends was playing either “school” or “store.” I also loved “restaurant.” I was super excited when eeBoo came out with pretend play.

Which eeBoo toy is your favorite? Why?

 J: I love the puzzles. eeBoo’s greeting cards sell well for us!

MJ: Hmmm, so many! I love the sketchbooks and pencils. They make a wonderful gift for all ages.

eeBoo display

*Just for Fun!* Check out this old photo of Emily at eeBoo back when she used to work at Brookside! Oh, the memories!

Emily green wig

Tell us about some nearby spots in your neighborhood!

There are many unique shops and restaurants. One of our favorites is Stuff Kansas City for unique gifts. Our favorite restaurants are Bella Napoli and Avenues Bistro. Foo’s has great custard. We have two wonderful art museums nearby and also a miniature museum!

Thank you, Jim and Mary Jo! Check out their local Kansas City picks on the Google Map below! Also, you can take a virtual tour of their store on their website!

#eeBooAroundTown showcases small businesses we work with from around the country. Small businesses are vital to local communities, and are the heart of our business. Do you want to participate in our #eeBooAroundTown series? Reach out to samantha@eeboo.com


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eeBoo’s Watercolor Tips & Tricks

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shop our new line of watercolors here. #HappyFriday



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eeBoo’s Top 5 Gifts for Summer Hosts

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Everyone likes a summer party. And everyone loves a thoughtful guest.

At your next gathering, bring a lovely and unique gift to delight your hosts and show your gratitude.

a.  Peacock Garden 1008 Piece Puzzle

An ideal gift for a weekend visit with old friends.  Beautifully illustrated by Monika Forsberg, the puzzle image can be constructed from all sides, making it the perfect group activity. $18 each.

b.  Dessert Sketchbook & Color Pencil Set

At your next summer soiree, tell your hosts you think they’re sweet and creative with this dessert-themed sketchbook and color pencil set. $19 for set.

c.  Assorted Paper Fans

If your hosts have a flare for the dramatic, they’ll love these colorful and festive paper fans. Choose from three stunning designs: Flowers, Butterfly, and Peacock. $5 each.

d.  Bundle of Card Games

Mix and match an assortment of playing card games: Go Fish, Hearts, and Happy Families are eeBoo favorites. These portable packs provide hours of fun for all ages. $24 for bundle of 3.

e.  Language Flashcards

For going-away gatherings, wish your friends bon voyage with our simple & fun language flashcards in Spanish and French. $12 each.

Be cool this summer!

Tag a selfie with our new Paper Fan #eeBooFanClub on Instagram

& we’ll regram to our followers on eeBoo’s social media channels!



New Art Book: Learn to Draw People by Kevin Hawkes!

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Kevin Hawkes

Here at eeBoo, a few of our team members used this art book– and created the doodles shown above!

Send us YOUR drawings on Facebook or Instagram , tag them with #eeboolearntodraw

Learn to Draw People, a new art book from Kevin Hawkes and eeBoo

A wonderful addition to our Learn to Draw series, the new Learn to Draw People Art Book includes tons of fun drawing tips, as well as humorous and witty editorial comments about the art of drawing and sketching.  Full of helpful hints and illustrations that build on skills you learn as you go, this book will help you develop your own drawing style and build your confidence with a beautiful visual foundation.  Perfect to pair with our new sketchbooks and upcoming graphite pencils!

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