#eeBooAroundTown Celebrating Independent Bookstore Day at Book Culture in NYC

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eeboo around town

In honor of Independent Bookstore Day, we had a chat with Annie at Book Culture on the Upper West Side in Manhattan for our latest in the #eeBooAroundTown series!  Book Culture is a favorite of the eeBoo staff, and all locations are just a hop & a skip from the eeBoo office!

Quick intro, who are you? Tell us a little about your store.

I’m Annie, co-owner of Book Culture, an independent bookstore in New York City. I began working in my local bookstore in Connecticut when I was 16 and fell in love with bookselling.  After college I came back to the store and  eventually became the manager and buyer. I still remember the day I discovered eeBoo at a trade show and couldn’t believe how beautiful it all was (that store, Books on the Common, in Ridgefield, CT still sells eeBoo!)

Looking for a fresh challenge, I moved to New York in 2006 to join Book Culture. We now have three stores, two of which have big children’s departments. I’m still very much a kid inside and I have loved creating and running the children’s shops. I now have my own child, Benjamin, who just turned two. We’re having a great time discovering books and toys together.



 Where is your store located? How would you describe your local community?

Morningside Heights and the Upper West Side are both fantastic neighborhoods, full of families who appreciate good books and toys.  We love all the playgrounds in Riverside Park and Central Park and the Natural History Museum is around the corner from our Columbus Avenue store. When Ben gets tired of reading books at the bookstore he insists we walk over to the library (the St. Agnes branch on Amsterdam has a lovely, old-fashioned Children’s Room).

How long has your store been open? Tells us a little about your aesthetic. What kind of goods do you sell?

Book Culture, originally called Labyrinth Books, opened in 1997 as a scholarly and academic bookstore in the Columbia University neighborhood. By 2009 the neighborhood was filled with young families, so we opened a second shop around the corner with books (and gifts and toys) for the whole family. In 2014 we opened another neighborhood store on the Upper West Side.

We encourage families to come and spend time in our shop, reading books and experimenting with toys. Our children’s rooms are full of fun nooks, places to curl up and read or daydream.

AnimalHouse (2)

 What were your favorite toys to play with as a child?  What was your favorite book as a child ?

I played pretend for hours on end as a child and used everything I could get my hands on in my games. I dressed up and played house or restaurant or library.  I would have loved eeBoo’s new pretend play sets.

Growing up, I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little house books and the Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace. Other favorites were The Borrowers, Strawberry Girl and Beverly Cleary’s Ramona books.

 Which eeBoo product is your favorite? Why?

My long-time favorite eeBoo product is the Life on Earth Matching Game. But I’m looking forward to getting to know the puzzles, games and art supplies much more intimately as Ben gets older.



 Tell us about some nearby spots in your neighborhood

In Morningside Heights the best place to eat is Community Food & Juice.  It’s casual but upscale and has excellent, fresh food.  One of the best bagel places in town, Absolute Bagels, is just a few blocks away.

There are tons of restaurants near our store on 82nd Street. My personal favorite is Peace Food Cafe, a vegan restaurant with especially delicious baked goods.


flash cards-cover-final

   bclogo_poppy (2)


  #eeBooAroundTown showcases the many small businesses that we work with around the country!
Small businesses are vital to local communities, and are the beating heart of our business.
small retailers,  want to participate in our eeBoo Around the Town series? reach out to samantha@eeboo.com


Below the Surface 1008 Piece Puzzle- A Review!

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I’m Madeleine, a former employee and fan of eeBoo. I’ve always been a fan of grand gestures with a dramatic flair, which is why I decided that my family should meet my boyfriend’s family in a mansion that can be only be described as an evil villain’s lair. Sure, they could have met in Kansas City, where they both live, but what is the fun in that? That is how it came to pass that we spent a week in a four-story Airbnb mansion in Colorado. What we didn’t expect was the daily snow that comes with staying on top of a mountain in late April. Thank goodness I brought the eeBoo Below The Surface 1008 piece puzzle!



 We cracked open the box and sat at the table near the cozy fire to start flipping all of the pieces right side up. What I love about this puzzle is that everyone can work on it at once from all sides and angles. Monika Forsberg‘s art is orbicular around a central starfish that acts as the puzzle’s Northern Star. The first day we didn’t get very far. We put together some of the edges and started grouping together the schools of fish. I named myself the Boat Captain and started collecting the pieces for all the boats. I hoping the nickname Boat Captain will stick, so please continue to call me that.

Day two: we got all of the edges together, then we really started cooking with oil. Pieces were flying left and right. The box was handed around, so that people could look at the the artwork we needed to put together. We worked as a team on the coral. I placed the final ducks and swans around the edges. As a team, we dove into the schools of fish deep below the surface.

image2 (3)

 Day three: our spirits were higher than ever. We knew we would complete the puzzle that day. This puzzle is challenging, because there are very similar schools of fish and birds on different sides of the puzzle. You may think that you found a piece that goes with the section you are working on, only to discover that it goes on the opposite side. I may be a mere Boat Captain, but I would say this is the hardest 1008 piece puzzle that I’ve ever put together (and the only 1008 piece puzzle). I’d recommend the Below the Surface puzzle for older kids and adults to work together on. Thanks eeBoo, for helping our families come together. We had a blast below the surface!

image1 (3)


Images & review for eeBoo by Madeleine Burkart.

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#NSS2016 What’s New at eeBoo’s booth #2427

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A beautiful display #eeBooAroundtheWorld

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This beautiful eeBoo craft display is going off to Japan! #craft #eeboo #felt #pompoms #pipecleaners #DIY #display #eeBooAroundTheWorld

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Celebrate Screen Free Week- May 2nd-8th!

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Click the image to enlarge eeBoo’s screen free recommendations + to hear a word from our founder Mia on creativity instead of screens.

eeBoo supports Screen Free Week. Click below for more information!

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#craftyweekend Spring Floral Wall Art

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10254009_1208200635860334_5345592108143664436_nIt’s warming up & spring is in bloom. Lillian at eeBoo created this fun Spring Floral Wall Art! This is a great way to re-purpose those pop-stick snowflakes we made in December!

Note, If you are starting off from scratch, you will just need to grab some pop sticks, hot glue, and a long piece of ribbon. Glue your pop sticks together in the shape of a starburst to make the frame to hang your felt floral pieces on. Tie the ribbon around the middle connector and it is ready to hang!






 What you will need:

-Felt sheets in bright colors and varying shades of green


-Glue Stick or Hot Glue Gun


Start with your bright floral colored sheets and cut out as many medium and small circles as you can fit per sheet. Mix it up as the varying sizes look great together!

Once you have cut out all the circles you can make, take each circle and cut 4-6 notches around the edges for your petals.

After all the notches are cut into the circles, it is time to shape your petals. The shape Lillian used was the top of a heart, but you can use any petal top shape that you would like.

Rotate each circle until all the petals are shaped the way you would like them. You will find that some of the small circles fit nicely as centers for the larger ones, you can match them up and if you need any more centers, use your scraps to make more.

Take your green felt sheets and cut in 4 inch strips. Then take each strip and cut out rows of ragged cat eye shapes. Leaves are just as unique as flowers so the more ragged or differently shaped the better!

Once all the flowers and leaves are cut out, organize so you can put them on the pop stick frame.

Use your glue stick or hot glue gun to adhere the flowers on first. I started with covering the places that the pop sticks connect to give each flower a bit of space. Once you have added all the flowers you would like, then go in and add the leaves in the blank spots. Mix up the colors and sizes so that it feels more alive.

Once everything is glued on, give it a once over for loose strings or felt that may need extra glue. Let your hanging dry for a bit, to make sure nothing falls off if you have used a glue stick.

Once dry, you are ready to hang to give your space a bit of spring cheer!




Meet Brandon Reese, Illustrator of Make a Pie and Time Telling Games!

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#craftyweekend floral vine wreath

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 lillain wreath


What you will need:

-3 yards of brightly colored wire ribbon

-Wreath frame – you can buy one or make one from cardboard or a wire hanger!


-Contrasting pipe cleaner colors that match your ribbon


Wrap ribbon around wreath frame.

Leave five inches hanging, tie off, wrap frame covering base.

When frame is covered, tie off end and create bow with one tail.

Tie two tails together to secure and shape bow and tail.

Start building your floral vine.

Take 6-8 green pipe cleaners to create vine base first. Each piece gets three twisted leaves in different directions before connecting the piece to the next strand.

Once all your strands are complete, secure on your wreath starting above your bow and ending below it weaving around frame to secure. Use clips to secure ends.

Create your floral accents.

Make about two flowers for each vine section you created.

Be creative you can make any flower you want with as many petals or colors as you would like.

Create by folding over end of pipe cleaner 1/4 inch and twisting. Then create petals around, 4-6 1/2 inch loops surrounding pointed center. Make sure to leave a small tail in back of flower to secure to your vine.

Once you have completed your flowers, arrange them & secure each flower to vine by wrapping tail around vine and then wrapping around base of flower.

Once all your flowers are secured, you are ready to find a cheerful place to hang your creation!


#craftyweekend Easter Egg Tic-Tac-Toe!

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easter egg tic tac toe


What you will need:

Felt sheets in various colors

(scraps from leftover projects come in handy for this craft)




First decide how big your eggs will be- once you have cutout one egg from felt and fixed the edges so you are happy with the shape, use that as your template

You will need two different colors of eggs – cut out 5 eggs in each color

Take a full felt sheet, and lay out 9 of your eggs in a grid- this will give you the measurement for the board. Make sure to leave room for the cross hatch felt pieces.

Cut out board shape, then cut out strips of contrasting colored felt for the cross hatches.

Glue down cross hatches using the eggs to make sure you get the right spacing.

Trim edges of strips to line up with board.

Now it’s time for the best part, decorate your eggs!

For the egg decoration:

Cut out different color shapes and strips and lay out on your eggs. Don’t worry about matching the edges, you can trim later.

Once all of your eggs are laid out with decorations, glue the pieces on egg by egg.

Clean up any extra glue, trim edges of overlapping felt.

You can now play a fun timeless game great for all ages!


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Hanging out in South Brooklyn at Picnic

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Red and brown

Welcome to #eeBooAroundTown, our newest initiative to showcase the many small businesses that we work with around the country through a series of fun interviews! Small businesses are vital to local communities, and are the beating heart of our business. To kick off our series, we hung out with Lindsey Engler, owner of Picnic in Brooklyn!

Lindsey, tell us a little about you! Goodness… who am I? Well, first and foremost I’m a mommy of a 4 ½ year old little gal named Grey who was (and is) the inspiration for Picnic. Prior to owning Picnic I had worked in womenswear for many years doing both fashion show production and sales. After Grey was born I was wandering around our Brooklyn neighborhood while on maternity leave searching for cool, unique infant clothing. When I couldn’t find anything (shocking, as Brooklyn is the birthplace of cool) that I wanted to buy the concept of Picnic started to take shape. I ended up leaving my corporate position when my daughter was six months old, and we opened Picnic when she turned eight months old. It was a completely insane time, but sometimes a hint of insanity goes a long way! Who else am I? A doggy mommy, a wife, a native New Yorker, a BROOKLYNITE, a party thrower, an amateur baker, a traveler, a terrible singer (who sings at the top of her lungs) a reader, a foodie… and I’m also pretty funny…

What neighborhood is Picnic located in? How would you describe your local community? Our store is located in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn. We touch upon a lot of other South Brooklyn ‘hoods so we encompass families from Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill and DUMBO. We have a great mix of families who have been in Brooklyn for an eternity as well as those who have just moved to enjoy the amazing lifestyle that Brooklyn has to offer. In either case we are all pretty passionate about our community and are very much a community based boutique. With the popularity of Brooklyn as a tourist destination in recent years we are getting more of an international crowd then we did when we first opened.

How long has Picnic been open and what is the inspiration behind it?  We have been open for 4 years and I am thankful for each day and each customer. The most rewarding part of owning your own business is growing within your community and in our case, growing up with all of the kids! Our slogan is “outfitting kids for everyday adventures.” When you look at the world from a child’s perspective everything becomes so fresh, fun and exciting. Picnic is about embracing that excitement and providing products that makes both children and parents smile a little brighter. For a little girl there is nothing more fantastic than wearing a dress covered in rainbows or a tutu skirt with a hint of sparkle… the same goes for our guys who love superhero capes and dinosaur tees… we like to help get their imaginations going wild! For the parents, I like to think we provide a nice range of unique, quality products that make them feel good about what they are buying for their children. We always try to address their specific needs while making sure that we add a bit of whimsy for the kids! We sell a range of products from apparel and accessories to gifts, books, crafts, plush toys and more! If it fits within our aesthetic and we think our kids will love it then it makes the cut! eeBoo is a perennial favorite!!! I’m pretty sure we’ve sold thousands of The Cupcake Game!

What were your favorite toys to play with as a child? Imagination is my thing so I’d have to say Cabbage Patch Kids! I was a child of the 80’s and as an only child I LOVED playing with dolls! (Never ask my mom how many of them I actually had… the number is embarrassing…) I also loved legos and dollhouses… maybe that’s why I married an architect?

Which eeBoo toy is your favorite? Why? Okay, I HAVE to say The Picnic Game, right? Actually I do love that one as it is a great gift, totally gender neutral and fun for kids from ages 2 – adult! We play it all the time at our house! However, the new Pretend Play sets have been life changing! They are so amazing and inspire such creativity within our kids! My daughter’s favorite is the World Traveler but they are all AMAZING! We hear there are new versions coming soon!!!

Suggest some local fare. What is your favorite dish, snack, or drink in your neighborhood? Ummm… this is Brooklyn, good food and drink are our THING! Okay, when visiting Picnic (with your child, of course)… we suggest lunching at Bar Tabac. I am a Francophile at heart and this place always does it for me. Tuna tartare for me and chicken paillard with fries (the best fries) for my gal? Oui! My husband has the moules…oh, and don’t forget a glass of Sancerre… or two. Then let’s stop at One Girl Cookies for one of their signature whoopee pies or cupcakes… then, if you need a coffee, or another fabulous sweet later in the day,stop into Café Pedlar just down Court Street… a little pick me up… and the perfect end to a great Brooklyn day…

Thank you, Lindsey for kicking off our #eeBooAroundTown blog series! We loved hearing more about Picnic & your special slice of Brooklyn!

Check out our interactive map below with Lindsey’s picks and of course, Picnic!

  #eeBooAroundTown showcases the many small businesses that we work with around the country!
Small businesses are vital to local communities, and are the beating heart of our business.
small retailers,  want to participate in our eeBoo Around the Town series? reach out to samantha@eeboo.com

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