Happy First Day Of Spring!

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It may snow later today, but officially it is the first day of Spring! Which gets us excited about parks, pools, and playing outside. On that note, did you see this article in the New York Times? What are your thoughts on how much supervision is too much or too little?

Rebekka Dunlap for the NY Times

Rebekka Dunlap for the NY Times

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A chat with eeBoo illustrator Monika Forsberg

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Squirrel and Bird Sketchbook: http://shop.eeboo.com/p/squirrel-and-bird-sketchbook

Squirrel and Bird Watercolor Pencils: http://shop.eeboo.com/p/squirrel-watercolor-pencils

Ice Cream Matching Game: http://shop.eeboo.com/p/ice-cream-matching-game

eeBoo and Monika became fast friends! 

We love her funky animals and beautiful florals. 

Our first products featuring Monika’s whimsical artwork are now available. 

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eeBoo Has Slick Art Supplies!

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Check out this sweet review of eeBoo’s Striped Biggies: http://www.thetoyinsider.com/eeboo-has-slick-art-supplies/

I love that they pick up on the #details: The set also includes a pencil sharpener—no more hunting around the house for one the right size! I also appreciate the dedicated spot for the sharpener molded right into the tray for safekeeping.

Toys that consider parents too!

See you at Toy Fair!

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eeBoo’s USA Bingo: Best Educational Toys on Today Show!

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Fullscreen capture 11202014 112357 AM

Fullscreen capture 11202014 111819 AM

Do you already watch the Today Show? If so, you probably spotted eeBoo’s USA BINGO featured as a “Best Educational Toys”. Stephanie Oppenheim, of the Oppenheim awards, did a spot and featured eeBoo. The clip is super cute and has kid’s playing the game.   http://www.today.com/parents/holiday-toys-avoid-these-3-big-mistakes-1D80298536

Scroll ahead to about 2:50.  Our favorite moment is when Matt Lauer asks about facts- yes of course there are fun facts on the back of each card! That’s what eeBoo is all about, learning through play.

Purchase US Bingo at your Local Toy Store or visit our eeBoo online shop. 

Congrats to all our fellow toy companies also featured on the show!


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Hello from eeBoo!

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It’s true, we don’t post here as much as we’d like to! It’s hard to find time between fielding phone calls, packing up samples and of course playing lots of games and crafting until we’ve covered our fingers in white bear glue!  We’ve also been gearing up for a new product release, the holidays, and eating so much stuffing we’re literally stuffed.

But I wanted to pop in here and share a couple of things that have been meandering across our computer screens:

1. The sound of  Comet 67P singing into space. 

2. Remembering to bring out our Autumn Crafts this time of year, like this felt wreath  and this autumn crown.

3.  Reading some nice eeBoo reviews: some that highlight how GREAT crafting is and others on why pipe cleaners are good stocking stuffers! Check out all our pipe cleaner colors here! 

4. Even though Halloween has come and gone we’ve enjoyed reading about Devil’s Bridges. each with a story of soul-selling deals and outwitting Satan Anyway you slice it, the bridges are pretty cool!

Well, that is a brief update from the eeBoo team! We’ll keep you posted with other fun finds :)


PS, one of us dressed up as a Cactus for Halloween:

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A little heart art!

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Elodie's Heart

Mia and Sax’s daughter Elodie is one of our favorite crafters! Check out this heart she made with eeBoo felt!

We hope you’re enjoying your freshman year at college Elodie!


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“The Building Blocks of a Good Pre-K”

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Did you see this article in the New York Times? Shael Polakow-Suransky and Nancy Nager explain how meaningful PLAY is important in our pre-schools. Here at eeBoo we are always thinking how to nurture literacy, cooperation, imagination, creativity and compassion through play.

Illustration from Antonia Ladrillo

“As they play, children develop vital cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional skills. They make discoveries, build knowledge, experiment with literacy and math and learn to self-regulate and interact with others in socially appropriate ways. Play is also fun and interesting, which makes school a place where children look forward to spending their time.”

Image via Sam Blanco http://samblanco.com/2014/09/04/aboutface/ ” I have tried out iPad apps that have similar set up, but none have been as successful as these cards”

“What does purposeful play look like? When you step into an exemplary pre-K classroom, you see a room organized by a caring, responsive teacher who understands child development. Activity centers are stocked with materials that invite exploration, fire the imagination, require initiative and prompt collaboration.”

Via Toys are Tools by Jen Choi: “eeBoo’s instructions actually advise you to talk it out. “The bear and the dog both have balls.” or “They are both playing ball.” It’s all part of organizing and practicing use of the folders of your mental file cabinet “

We’re curious! When looking for a preschool program for your 4 year old what qualities are you looking for? How do you make time for play in your home?

Read the whole NYTimes article here: http://nyti.ms/ZH4GP1

Shop the eeBoo games pictured above: About Face  and Categories

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July Blog Review Round Up!

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We love moms who blog, and write, and review! This summer we’ve been in touch with some great reviewes who always have something new to teach us about our products. Take a look here:
July Reviews

 1. Play with Paper // 2. eeBoo Paper on Forbes.com // 3. Beat the Summer Slide //

““Paper Engineering: the most portable and affordable building medium is perfect for the summer. Paper allows you to build so many things: balls, books, mobius strips, flowers that don’t wilt but still look way better than fake flowers.”–Jenn Choi

4_5_64.  Animal Rummy, A Game to Hold onto // 5. Obstacles, Think Outside the Box // 6. Non-Traditional Puzzles

“My youngest loved the unusual animals and plants depicted in What Do You Know; my parents studied the artwork; my nine-year-old enjoyed displaying her superior knowledge of Spanish; and I was happy to play something that didn’t involve SpongeBob.” — from the Educated Mom (#4)

Can’t get enough of eeBoo reviews? Don’t worry there’s more!

7. Pom Poms on party hats // 8. Back to School Prep and Supplies  // 9.  Unique School Supplies //10. Summer Travel Picks // 11. Must Have Travel Toys

Want to review an eeBoo product on your blog?

Contact Cait@eeBoo.com!

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5 Things You Should Know About eeBoo!

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5 Things You Should Know About eeBoo

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Architecture in Hopes of Immortality

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"Reversible Destiny" Lofts in Mitaka, Japan. Photo Credit: Masatako Nakano via nytimes.com

“Reversible Destiny” Lofts in Mitaka, Japan. Photo Credit: Masatako Nakano via nytimes.com

I am very confident that design impacts the quality of our lives. Madeline Arakawa Gins believed that design, specifically in architecture, could allow occupants to cheat death. Madeline collaborated with her husband Arakawa on elaborate architectural projects that were constructed based on the belief that “through a literal architecture of instability” “it was possible to stave off the stagnation — and even the inevitable death — that living in rote comfort can bring.”  –(NYTIMES, JAN 15, Margalit Fox). With undulating floors, no right corners, and odd sized doors, these living spaces constantly challenged their occupants.

To some of us, these spaces sound like adventurous sensory playgrounds and hopefully all of us can appreciate the candy colored building block style and a life dedicated to experimenting with art and design. Madeline Arakawa embodied a phrase we like to say here at eeBoo, the possibilities are endless!

Read the NY TIMES obituary here: Madeline Arakawa Gins, Visionary, Is Dead at 72 

Photo Credit; Eric Striffler for the New York Times

Photo Credit; Eric Striffler for the New York Times

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