Scholastic Parent & Child Reviews eeBoo’s Pre-School Bug Dominoes!

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Scholastic Parent & Child‘s September issue includes eeBoo’s Pre-school Bug Dominoes in the review  ”Games and toys that play up shapes, numbers, and patterns reinforce basic MATH SKILLS — plus, they’re a blast!

eeBoo’s Pre-school Bug Dominoes use color, shape, and numbers to match one piece to the next in a growing chain of dominoes. Younger children strengthen their recognition skills as they use color and shape to select an appropriate piece. When kids are old enough to count, they can  use the number of bugs in each image to determine the right piece — expanding this playfully educational experience to include basic math.

eeBoo’s Pre-school Bug Dominoes includes 28 pieces with beautiful illustrations by Julia Gorton.  The game is made out of thick and durable 90% recycled gray-board. Scholastic Parent and Child describes the “recycled materials and lively art” as giving this “classic matching game a fun modern twist.”

eeBoo’s Pre-school Dominoes is for ages 3 and up, and retails at $13.00. The Pre-school Bug Dominoes has won the Oppenheim Best Toy Award – Gold Seal! If you love eeBoo’s Pre-school Bug Dominoes, check out eeBoo’s Pre-school Picture Dominoes! eeBoo produces 12 other Pre-school Matching Games and 6 Puzzle Pairs, also designed for children of Pre-school age!

You can read Scholastic Parent & Child’s review here.

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Time Out To Play Video Review of ‘About Face’!

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Time Out To Play

One of eeBoo’s newest activities, About Face includes 160 Object Images arranged to look like hair, eyes, a nose, or a mouth. Time Out to Play notes that About Face uses “kids imagination to transform an item into something else it resembles.” When pieced together, children discover hundreds of possibilities for creating faces. Objects range from leaves to paper clips, light bulbs, and sea shells. Each combination of objects can reflect a different personality, and children get to see how simply changing the mouth may affect whether their Face looks happy, sad, or even surprised.


About Face can be played any way a child desires, but also provides helpful instructions to inspire combinations. Suggestions included are choosing only objects that are red, objects found near the shore, or only objects with smooth surfaces. When following these instructions, children sharpen their memory and recognition skills. Time Out To Play awarded About Face 5 stars for assembly and instructions.

About Face is made from 90-percent recycled greyboard and soy-based inks. The activity includes 70 cardboard 2.25″ x 2.25″ strips in total, each double sided. About Face is for children 3 and up, and retails for $15.00. 

You can read the full review here.


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Melissa Sweet Inventor Profile by Toys are Tools plus Giveaway!

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Photo of Melissa Sweet, courtesy of Melissa Sweet and posted by Toys are Tools


Toys are Tools recently interviewed eeBoo artist, Melissa Sweet! The interview gives beautiful insight into the mind of the maker of many designs on eeBoo’s products. Melissa Sweet is the artist behind eeBoo’s best sellers like the Life On Earth Matching Game and Tell Me a Story – Mystery in the Forest!




In the interview, Melissa Sweet explains that she wants her art to be approachable for kids. Her designs are simple and clean, yet captivatingly beautiful. Despite her talent, Melissa Sweet holds herself to be “living proof that you’re not born drawing well.” She believes that everyone can be an artist, and creating art shouldn’t be intimidating for youngsters.

Melissa Sweet has illustrated one of eeBoo’s Learn to Draw Books and brought to the design process the conviction that ”every kid wants to feel good after they make something.” eeBoo drawing books aim to embolden children to explore their artistic nature without reservation or shyness.

Melissa Sweet discusses the benefits of encouraging kids to draw. She expresses that she ”would say there might be a difference between looking at something and actually seeing it and when you draw, you have to see it.” In turn, she says, eyes are opened up to appreciating other manufactured goods. All products begin the same way — on a piece of paper. “So for instance, a kid’s sneakers – It had to be drawn first,” Melissa explains. We love the idea of children becoming aware of the artistic talent behind the objects they use everyday!


Melissa Sweet keeps eeBoo Paper Flowers in her studio!


You can read the interview here. Don’t forget to participate in the giveaway of 2 Melissa Sweet books on Toys are Tools website!

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Gift Shop Reviews “Green” Toy Manufacturers, Including eeBoo!

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Gift Shop Magazine has published a review of children’s toy manufactures that take extra care in providing earth-friendly play! eeBoo is one of the first manufactures mentioned, and gives special mention to Respect the Earth Flash Cards, and Gathering a Garden. Numerous eeBoo products are made with 90% recycled cardboard, such as our popular I Never Forget A Face Matching Game, and we make sure to third-party test every product for safety. Many of eeBoo’s games, activities, and crafts are nature-themed, such as our Life On Earth series.

Our Respect the Earth Flash Cards contain 48 helpful tips, all on 4.5″ x 6″ cards. The flash cards are designed for children 5 and up, and even many adults can learn from the useful suggestions. The cards make children aware of what every individual (even the little ones!) can do to care for the our precious planet. The flash cards feature advice like, “To better understand the planet…Spend time in nature and see what it can teach you.”

The Flash Cards feature artwork by children’s book illustrator Saxton Freymann, and retail for $12.00.

Gathering a Garden is a board game that familiarizes kids with the bounty that a garden can yeild. The board game opens up to 18″ x 18″ and comes with a cardboard spinner and cardboard playing pieces, with a cotton bag for storage. There are no plastic pieces! The artwork is illustrated by artist Melissa Sweet. The game is for children ages 5 up, and retails for $18.00.

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TD Monthly Picked eeBoo’s NEW Community Game as a Perfect Gift!

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TDmonthly Magazine picked the best games that make excellent Holiday gifts and eeBoo’s Community game is among them!  Community is a cooperative game that can be played collectively or solitarily. Regardless of the number of players, Community provides children with the chance to directly connect with the concept of community during playtime. TDmonthly reports that Community inspires children to “think about what truly makes a home, a theme that is very appropriate during the winter holidays.”

The object of Community is to connect Home and Location Tiles as efficiently as possible using a set of Road Tiles. Each Location Tile represents an important staple in communities, such as the School, Museum, Library, Park, Spiritual Center, and Stores. Children take turns placing their tiles, but since successfully connecting all locations isn’t guaranteed without careful planning, the best results come from when all players work together as a team.

Community includes 82 flocked tiles which are all illustrated by children’s book illustrator Saxton Freyman. The tiles are placed on a soft, green flocked board which prevents sliding and folds out to a 18″ x 18″ board. The game is for players 5 and up, and retails for $20.00.

Community is one of four Cooperative Games designed by eeBoo.

Stay tuned for the Oppenheim Award Announcement in September!

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The Creative Salad’s Unique Use of Life On Each Matching Game!

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One of our team members at eeBoo recently stumbled upon this blog post by the Creative Salad, featuring eeBoo’s Life On Earth Matching Game. The  post describes an innovative idea for repurposing the beautiful tiles as refrigerator magnets!


The artwork for eeBoo’s Life On Earth series is designed by well-known children’s book illustrator Melissa Sweet. The recently redesigned box contains 24 square tiles. A wide array of species are celebrated through beautifully drawn images on thick and durable cardboard. Children can use these cards to simultaneously explore the beauty of nature while sharpening their recognition and memory skills. The Oppenheim’s have awarded the Life On Earth Matching Game the Platinum Seal for Best Toy Award.

The matching games are recommended for children 5 an up, and retail for $16.00.

Other games by eeBoo that represent Melissa Sweets artwork include the travel size Life On Earth Matching Game, the Life of Earth Tot Towers, Life On Earth Bingo, Life On Earth Dominoes, and many others.


If you love Melissa Sweets artwork, but you will love eeBoo’s Learn to Draw Art book by Melissa Sweet. The Art book is for children 5 and up, and retails for $6.00.

You can read about the Creative’s Salad wonderful use of eeBoo’s matching game here.

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