Craft Idea: Felt Star Ornaments!

Posted by design on Dec 6, 2012 in Be Crafty! |

Here at eeBoo we want to inspire creativity. We’ve put together some projects just to get you started—use the skills and ideas in these projects to create your own wonderful creations, the possibilities are endless!

Starting tip:

·       Sometimes we start crafting by making lots of simple shapes and combining in different ways. For these crafts we made A LOT of sparkly blue stars

·       Gather everything you need first!

·       You can always choose different colors, add new parts or take things away, there is no right or wrong way.

·       For most of these projects you can sew or use hot glue—for young kids, ask an adult for help!

We like all sorts of funny shaped stars, but if you want a star just like ours print out our star template, cut out the star along the lines, and trace it onto felt with a pencil or marker then cut! Click to enlarge, right click to save and print!

Click here for materials used in Felt Star Ornament!





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