eeBoo Gets a Sweet Review

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The French-language blog Baby Storming gave eeBoo’s Candy Matching Game a mention as one of the sweetest child products she’s collected.


eeBoo’s Candy Matching Game is the sweetest way to stretch your memory skills. Not only is the Matching Game a Best Seller, but a winner of the Oppenheim Best Toy Award! Each set features 24 kinds of candy to match including candy corn and conversation hearts, jellybeans and salt-water taffy, truffles and nonpareils! eeBoo produces 5 Matching Games for children 5+, as well as 4 styles for little ones ages 3+. All of eeBoo’s Matching Games are printed on 90% Recycled Grey Board.

You can read the review here.

The English translation is roughly: Because a little a sweets in a rough world is never a bad thing. Because a little sweets honor the world of childhood and innocence. Because these treats are as beautiful as candy is to eat. Because sugar comes in many forms today; candy, pastries, ice cream, macarons and many cupcakes. All of which welcome others into our room and benefits us all!

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