Gifts & Decorative Loves eeBoo’s Juggling Balls!

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Did you know that studies have shown that Juggling awakens the part of your brain that deals with Math? It’s no wonder kids and parents are so crazy about eeBoo’s new Juggling Balls. 

Gifts & Decorative Magazine loves eeBoo’s Juggling Balls! eeBoo’s Juggling Balls are one of the top-selling products that were rolled out this season. The Juggling Balls are available in 6 colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple and Blue! Each style has a unique embroidered pattern, and are covered in a soft velvety fabric. The non-slip fabric serves both the practical purpose of helping the juggler maintain grip, while adding a gorgeous aesthetic value to the Juggling Balls.

Each set includes an instructional poster. The poster is beautifully illustrated, with hints of inspiration drawn from vintage circus posters. 

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