#craftyweekend floral vine wreath

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 lillain wreath


What you will need:

-3 yards of brightly colored wire ribbon

-Wreath frame – you can buy one or make one from cardboard or a wire hanger!


-Contrasting pipe cleaner colors that match your ribbon


Wrap ribbon around wreath frame.

Leave five inches hanging, tie off, wrap frame covering base.

When frame is covered, tie off end and create bow with one tail.

Tie two tails together to secure and shape bow and tail.

Start building your floral vine.

Take 6-8 green pipe cleaners to create vine base first. Each piece gets three twisted leaves in different directions before connecting the piece to the next strand.

Once all your strands are complete, secure on your wreath starting above your bow and ending below it weaving around frame to secure. Use clips to secure ends.

Create your floral accents.

Make about two flowers for each vine section you created.

Be creative you can make any flower you want with as many petals or colors as you would like.

Create by folding over end of pipe cleaner 1/4 inch and twisting. Then create petals around, 4-6 1/2 inch loops surrounding pointed center. Make sure to leave a small tail in back of flower to secure to your vine.

Once you have completed your flowers, arrange them & secure each flower to vine by wrapping tail around vine and then wrapping around base of flower.

Once all your flowers are secured, you are ready to find a cheerful place to hang your creation!


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