Architecture in Hopes of Immortality

Posted by design on Jan 15, 2014 in Articles we like!
"Reversible Destiny" Lofts in Mitaka, Japan. Photo Credit: Masatako Nakano via

“Reversible Destiny” Lofts in Mitaka, Japan. Photo Credit: Masatako Nakano via

I am very confident that design impacts the quality of our lives. Madeline Arakawa Gins believed that design, specifically in architecture, could allow occupants to cheat death. Madeline collaborated with her husband Arakawa on elaborate architectural projects that were constructed based on the belief that “through a literal architecture of instability” “it was possible to stave off the stagnation — and even the inevitable death — that living in rote comfort can bring.”  –(NYTIMES, JAN 15, Margalit Fox). With undulating floors, no right corners, and odd sized doors, these living spaces constantly challenged their occupants.

To some of us, these spaces sound like adventurous sensory playgrounds and hopefully all of us can appreciate the candy colored building block style and a life dedicated to experimenting with art and design. Madeline Arakawa embodied a phrase we like to say here at eeBoo, the possibilities are endless!

Read the NY TIMES obituary here: Madeline Arakawa Gins, Visionary, Is Dead at 72 

Photo Credit; Eric Striffler for the New York Times

Photo Credit; Eric Striffler for the New York Times

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Categories is on the Toys are Tools Blog! + Giveaway

500 categories play

The Toys are Tools Blog is one of our favorites when it comes kid-testing and thoughtful reviews. It is all about the educational and skill building without sacrificing fun. They just reviewed our game Categories. Categories is full of friendly faces doing all sorts of funny things, playing with balls, wearing hats, eating snacks! The objective is to find sets of three that one trait in common, for example, they are all eating.

The expert  Nicole Kolenda, M.S., CCC-SLP, P.C., Speech & Language Pathologist and Jenn both took a look at this game. I think they nailed it when they write,  ”For the eeBoo cards, I think kids need the time to observe and really look at everything….you can’t just LOOK, you have to THINK about what you are looking at.”

Head over to the Toys are Tools blog QUICK and you can enter to win 2 free games.

Purchase Categories at your local toy store or at the 


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The Simpler the Toy, the More Complex the Play

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We just came across an interesting article today. Our favorite point, which we try to exemplify in all of products, was Friedman’s quote: “Generally speaking, the simpler the toy, the more complex the play,” Friedman said. “The more complex the toy, the more simple the play. You want to find toys where children have options for what they do with it. If it’s a toy that can only be used in one way, don’t get it.”

Read the article for yourself here:

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