#craftyweekend Spring Floral Wall Art

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10254009_1208200635860334_5345592108143664436_nIt’s warming up & spring is in bloom. Lillian at eeBoo created this fun Spring Floral Wall Art! This is a great way to re-purpose those pop-stick snowflakes we made in December!

Note, If you are starting off from scratch, you will just need to grab some pop sticks, hot glue, and a long piece of ribbon. Glue your pop sticks together in the shape of a starburst to make the frame to hang your felt floral pieces on. Tie the ribbon around the middle connector and it is ready to hang!






 What you will need:

-Felt sheets in bright colors and varying shades of green


-Glue Stick or Hot Glue Gun


Start with your bright floral colored sheets and cut out as many medium and small circles as you can fit per sheet. Mix it up as the varying sizes look great together!

Once you have cut out all the circles you can make, take each circle and cut 4-6 notches around the edges for your petals.

After all the notches are cut into the circles, it is time to shape your petals. The shape Lillian used was the top of a heart, but you can use any petal top shape that you would like.

Rotate each circle until all the petals are shaped the way you would like them. You will find that some of the small circles fit nicely as centers for the larger ones, you can match them up and if you need any more centers, use your scraps to make more.

Take your green felt sheets and cut in 4 inch strips. Then take each strip and cut out rows of ragged cat eye shapes. Leaves are just as unique as flowers so the more ragged or differently shaped the better!

Once all the flowers and leaves are cut out, organize so you can put them on the pop stick frame.

Use your glue stick or hot glue gun to adhere the flowers on first. I started with covering the places that the pop sticks connect to give each flower a bit of space. Once you have added all the flowers you would like, then go in and add the leaves in the blank spots. Mix up the colors and sizes so that it feels more alive.

Once everything is glued on, give it a once over for loose strings or felt that may need extra glue. Let your hanging dry for a bit, to make sure nothing falls off if you have used a glue stick.

Once dry, you are ready to hang to give your space a bit of spring cheer!




#craftyweekend floral vine wreath

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 lillain wreath


What you will need:

-3 yards of brightly colored wire ribbon

-Wreath frame – you can buy one or make one from cardboard or a wire hanger!


-Contrasting pipe cleaner colors that match your ribbon


Wrap ribbon around wreath frame.

Leave five inches hanging, tie off, wrap frame covering base.

When frame is covered, tie off end and create bow with one tail.

Tie two tails together to secure and shape bow and tail.

Start building your floral vine.

Take 6-8 green pipe cleaners to create vine base first. Each piece gets three twisted leaves in different directions before connecting the piece to the next strand.

Once all your strands are complete, secure on your wreath starting above your bow and ending below it weaving around frame to secure. Use clips to secure ends.

Create your floral accents.

Make about two flowers for each vine section you created.

Be creative you can make any flower you want with as many petals or colors as you would like.

Create by folding over end of pipe cleaner 1/4 inch and twisting. Then create petals around, 4-6 1/2 inch loops surrounding pointed center. Make sure to leave a small tail in back of flower to secure to your vine.

Once you have completed your flowers, arrange them & secure each flower to vine by wrapping tail around vine and then wrapping around base of flower.

Once all your flowers are secured, you are ready to find a cheerful place to hang your creation!


#craftyweekend Easter Egg Tic-Tac-Toe!

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easter egg tic tac toe


What you will need:

Felt sheets in various colors

(scraps from leftover projects come in handy for this craft)




First decide how big your eggs will be- once you have cutout one egg from felt and fixed the edges so you are happy with the shape, use that as your template

You will need two different colors of eggs – cut out 5 eggs in each color

Take a full felt sheet, and lay out 9 of your eggs in a grid- this will give you the measurement for the board. Make sure to leave room for the cross hatch felt pieces.

Cut out board shape, then cut out strips of contrasting colored felt for the cross hatches.

Glue down cross hatches using the eggs to make sure you get the right spacing.

Trim edges of strips to line up with board.

Now it’s time for the best part, decorate your eggs!

For the egg decoration:

Cut out different color shapes and strips and lay out on your eggs. Don’t worry about matching the edges, you can trim later.

Once all of your eggs are laid out with decorations, glue the pieces on egg by egg.

Clean up any extra glue, trim edges of overlapping felt.

You can now play a fun timeless game great for all ages!


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#craftyweekend Personalize your baby bundle!

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Lillian at eeBoo wanted to spice up her baby gift  to a friend! Her solution? Adding personalized touches with eeBoo’s felt to her existing baby purchases!

shop eeBoo’s felt here!

baby blanket











Here’s what she had, and what you can use too!

1 Baby Blanket

1 Lovey

1 Hooded Towel

1 Piece of coordinating colored felt



Contrasting embroidery thread



Cut your felt into the needed shapes:

Medium heart for blanket

Initial shape for lovey

Small heart and two triangles for towel


Lay out your pieces to make sure they are properly sized; trim any pieces that are too large.


Begin with your towel:

Sew triangles on top corner about 2 inches from corner, keep sewing on front flap only- Do not sew hood closed!

Sew small heart nose on bottom edge of hood.

You can also make additional embellishments like whiskers or eyes with your embroidery thread!


Next sew initial on Lovey:


Position letter along one corner and secure with embroidery thread.


Carefully sew only onto top layer so all thread is hidden inside.


Last personalize the baby blanket:


Take your medium heart shape and embroider the baby’s name or loving message.


Once completed, sew to corner of blanket, making sure to not go through both layers so your bottom threads stay hidden.


Once completed, clean up any loose threads, then fold and tie with ribbon. You now have a nice set of baby essentials with a personalized, loving touch!


Make a gift tag for your Valentine #craftyweekend

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Feel the love!  Use as a card, tag, or ornament to show your valentine spirit!

valentines cards



What you will need:

Fancy papers iridescent and corrugated

Pipe cleaners

Pop sticks


(shop eeBoo’s craft line here)


Hot glue gun


Pop stick heart tag

Begin by connecting two pop sticks in a V shape & affix the connecting parts with glue.

Next cut your pop sticks in thirds and glue four connecting pieces to make heart shaped top.

Fill in center with remaining pieces until you are satisfied with heart design.

Use marker to make designs or placing wording on your heart tag.

Last, wrap a pipe cleaner around one of the edges and it is ready to top any love filled gift!

Fancy paper tag

Cut out a tag shape from your corrugated fancy paper, and use this as a guide when cutting your wavy iridescent insert.

Make a small hole at the top of your tag, and insert a fluffy pipe cleaner for the tie.

Take a thin pipe cleaner and shape it into a word- I shaped love which is simple, but you could make a name for the tag which is equally sweet! If you make a mistake, it is easy to go back and untwist.

Tip: make a twist after each letter to anchor and keep it from in winding.

Hot glue iridescent paper to corrugated, then hot glue a few points of your pipe cleaner word onto the iridescent paper.

Clean up any unfinished edges with scissors and remove any hot glue strings.


DIY Valentines Cards #craftyweekend

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valentines cards

What you will need -

Your choice cardstock and envelopes

Play papers (Via shop.eeboo.com)


Glue Stick


For this design, you will need to cut out two cloud shapes, and several different sizes of hearts.

Use the different patterns on the play papers to mix and match. It’s raining love, get it?

Once your pieces are cut out, lay them out on your card until you are satisfied with the design.

Glue all the pieces on the card with a glue stick.

If you have any hearts left over, use them to decorate your envelope.

Make one for someone special or a ton for all your friends.


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Felt Cloud Magnet, your #blizzard2016 DIY

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 A fun felt cloud magnet for #craftyweekend- What a great #DIY for the snow storm!

 cloud magnet

What you need:

Simple scissors


Cotton balls

Embroidery thread and needle

Hot glue gun

Blue Felt (Pictured with eeBoo’s dart frog + tropical colors)

Magnetic Tape


Fold a piece of felt in half and cut out a cloud shape

Use scraps to cut out a skinny rectangle strip

Cut out a rectangle shape from the darker blue (about 1/4 size of your cloud) – cut out the bow edge design you want

Wrap skinny strip around your scrunched rectangle – fluff till your bow looks even and complete – then hot glue strip closed tightly

Take one side of cloud and sew your face or design – don’t want a face, make a scoop design, layer buttons to make a mosaic- your options for this design are only limited by your imagination!

Once your design is complete, it is time to assemble your magnet.

See the sides of your cloud together, face out – leave a small hole

Stuff with cotton balls to give it depth and then continue sewing closed.

Finish by hot gluing your bow to the front – Stick your cloud to your fridge and, voila!

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