Meet our *Best Toy Award* Winners

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Saxton Freymann on Illustrating for Children

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before and after

Sequences and Before & After, illustrated by Saxton, promote logical ordering and help build executive function skills. While practicing these activities children are improving memory and recall, articulation of beginning, middle and end, and prediction, all of which are crucial for strong reading comprehension. Retailers, this item is now shipping! Consumers, you can find these products at your local eeBoo stockist, or on


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A beautiful display #eeBooAroundtheWorld

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This beautiful eeBoo craft display is going off to Japan! #craft #eeboo #felt #pompoms #pipecleaners #DIY #display #eeBooAroundTheWorld

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#craftyweekend Felt Mouse Paperweight

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felt mouse paperweight

What you will need:

- One pack of Felt sheets

We used our Pansy Felt Sheet Pack  (three different colors – dark, medium, light)

-Cotton balls



-Embroidery thread



 Cut shapes out of your felt

Dark color: cut a long curved strip and two small teardrop shapes

Medium color: Cut heart shape (about 1/3 the size of full sheet)

Light color: Cut small heart, two medium teardrop shapes, and two circle shapes

 Begin sewing on the pieces of your mouse.

 First, stack your tear drop shapes, two stacks, dark color on bottom. Sew each one on either side of the bottom of your large heart shape. To make sure they are even, fold heart in half and place them where you think the eyes would be. Sew to each flat side in one stitch.

 Second, above the eyes on the edge of your heart shape, pinch one of your circle felt shapes and sew one to each flat side.

 Third, Fold your heart in half and place the small heart over the seam, and begin sewing together. Once you reach the top of the heart, insert the end of the long strip and secure.

 Leave about an inch open to add cotton balls inside, and insert a couple pebbles in the bottom so that it sits upright.

 When it is completely stuffed, finish stitching to close and secure with a knot.

 This little mouse is now ready to hold down stacks of important papers!


5 Things You Should Know About eeBoo!

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5 Things You Should Know About eeBoo

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eeBoo picks by age!

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Scholastic Parent & Child Reviews eeBoo’s Pre-School Bug Dominoes!

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Scholastic Parent & Child‘s September issue includes eeBoo’s Pre-school Bug Dominoes in the review  ”Games and toys that play up shapes, numbers, and patterns reinforce basic MATH SKILLS — plus, they’re a blast!

eeBoo’s Pre-school Bug Dominoes use color, shape, and numbers to match one piece to the next in a growing chain of dominoes. Younger children strengthen their recognition skills as they use color and shape to select an appropriate piece. When kids are old enough to count, they can  use the number of bugs in each image to determine the right piece — expanding this playfully educational experience to include basic math.

eeBoo’s Pre-school Bug Dominoes includes 28 pieces with beautiful illustrations by Julia Gorton.  The game is made out of thick and durable 90% recycled gray-board. Scholastic Parent and Child describes the “recycled materials and lively art” as giving this “classic matching game a fun modern twist.”

eeBoo’s Pre-school Dominoes is for ages 3 and up, and retails at $13.00. The Pre-school Bug Dominoes has won the Oppenheim Best Toy Award – Gold Seal! If you love eeBoo’s Pre-school Bug Dominoes, check out eeBoo’s Pre-school Picture Dominoes! eeBoo produces 12 other Pre-school Matching Games and 6 Puzzle Pairs, also designed for children of Pre-school age!

You can read Scholastic Parent & Child’s review here.

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I Never Forget A Face Matching Game on CBS News!

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Last weekend one of our favorite eeBoo games got some serious screen time during an CBS News story about same-sex couples raising children. The family being interviewed were playing this much loved eeBoo classic during the interview!

Watch the video here: CBS news video clip.

I Never Forget A Face is a classic concentration game with matching pairs. Match children from around the world, including children from places as diverse as France, Haiti, Iraq, and Tanzania. Not only does I Never Forget a Face build memory and concentration skills, but it provides an opportunity for parents and children to talk about diversity and different parts of the world.



Toys are Tools: eeBoo Art Books Encourage Success!

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After visiting us at Toy Fair, Toys are Tools, a site for thoughtful toy reviews with an emphasis on education,  selected our Art Books for one of their in-depth reviews. Every Toys are Tools interview includes the feedback of an expert in the field, as well as that of the chief editor. After trying out our middle-difficulty Learn-to-Draw book by Melissa Sweet, the reviewers had some very nice things to say!

The review delves into many of the uniquely advantageous aspects of the book, with a special emphasis on its ability to inform without intimidating children, even sparking them to practice on their own. As the editor says, “I think this “workbook” is probably the first workbook I saw where kids finish the page and then grab blank sheets of paper to keep the lesson alive.”

Although Toys that Teach focuses on the Drawing Book by Melissa Sweet, they also mention Lizzy Rockwell’s Simple Forms and Kevin Hawk’s Drawing Animals as having great instructional and inspirational potential!

Check out the new eeBoo Learn-to-Draw Art Books and the rest of our new products here!

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Two Nods at MOSAICS!

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MOSAICS, a new activity by eeBoo that stands out equally for its beauty, usefullness and enjoyability, has been gaining recognition and approval ever since its release in February. Two recent examples include a video feature in TDmonthly, a leading trade magazine, and a review on the blog Notes from Dawn.

MOSAICS was a staff pick for TDmonthly. Their video demonstrates how the activity works, and shows off the various components, including the felt triangles, playboard and image cards. If  you’re curious, give it a watch! You can also check out MOSAICS here!

Notes from Dawn is a popular blog by a home-schooling mother. After trying out MOSAICS, Dawn was enthusiastic about the possibilities, writing that it “would be an entertaining travel activity; easy to pack and use in the car” and also  ”a great addition to any art curriculum.” The fun factor was not lost on Dawn either, who wrote that the activity is:

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