craft idea: mushroom toss!

Posted by design on Oct 26, 2016 in Be Crafty!, Diy, Just for Fun

Here at eeBoo, we love to get crafty and to inspire creativity! Our newest hire, Laura, decided to work with a bundle of eeBoo craft supplies to create a fun Autumn activity for everyone in the family to enjoy!  You can use the tutorial below to make your own Mushroom Toss game, or you can use the skills and ideas in this project to inspire your own wonderful creations! The possibilities are endless!  Head over to eeBoo on Facebook or Instagram to see more of this fun project! #BeCrafty





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#craftyweekend Easter Egg Tic-Tac-Toe!

Posted by design on Mar 24, 2016 in #craftyweekend, Be Crafty!, Diy


easter egg tic tac toe


What you will need:

Felt sheets in various colors

(scraps from leftover projects come in handy for this craft)




First decide how big your eggs will be- once you have cutout one egg from felt and fixed the edges so you are happy with the shape, use that as your template

You will need two different colors of eggs – cut out 5 eggs in each color

Take a full felt sheet, and lay out 9 of your eggs in a grid- this will give you the measurement for the board. Make sure to leave room for the cross hatch felt pieces.

Cut out board shape, then cut out strips of contrasting colored felt for the cross hatches.

Glue down cross hatches using the eggs to make sure you get the right spacing.

Trim edges of strips to line up with board.

Now it’s time for the best part, decorate your eggs!

For the egg decoration:

Cut out different color shapes and strips and lay out on your eggs. Don’t worry about matching the edges, you can trim later.

Once all of your eggs are laid out with decorations, glue the pieces on egg by egg.

Clean up any extra glue, trim edges of overlapping felt.

You can now play a fun timeless game great for all ages!


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DIY Valentines Cards #craftyweekend

Posted by design on Jan 29, 2016 in #craftyweekend, Be Crafty!, Diy, Just for Fun


valentines cards

What you will need -

Your choice cardstock and envelopes

Play papers (Via


Glue Stick


For this design, you will need to cut out two cloud shapes, and several different sizes of hearts.

Use the different patterns on the play papers to mix and match. It’s raining love, get it?

Once your pieces are cut out, lay them out on your card until you are satisfied with the design.

Glue all the pieces on the card with a glue stick.

If you have any hearts left over, use them to decorate your envelope.

Make one for someone special or a ton for all your friends.


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Spotted: eeBoo pipe cleaners on Design Mom

Posted by design on Apr 28, 2015 in Press Articles, Product Feature, Special Event

To celebrate the book release by one of our favorite bloggers here in the eeBoo office, we couldn’t help but send Design Mom a few pipe cleaners to share with her fans at her Boston book party! Check out this wonderful read, Design Mom: How to Live with Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide

Here is a sneak peek of our collaboration below:


What would you create with our pipe cleaners? The possibilities are endless! Send your ideas in the comments or on our social media! #becrafty
A personal favorite is this assortment of fruit created out of our eeBoo crafts! Delicious!




Shop our craft supplies here!

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