Our Favorite Gifts for the Election Season

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election season

shop eeBoo’s election themed products & more educational toys here.

Use promo code PENCIL for Free Shipping on your order over $50. US Only. Through 10/15/16.

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July Blog Review Round Up!

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We love moms who blog, and write, and review! This summer we’ve been in touch with some great reviewes who always have something new to teach us about our products. Take a look here:
July Reviews

 1. Play with Paper // 2. eeBoo Paper on Forbes.com // 3. Beat the Summer Slide //

““Paper Engineering: the most portable and affordable building medium is perfect for the summer. Paper allows you to build so many things: balls, books, mobius strips, flowers that don’t wilt but still look way better than fake flowers.”–Jenn Choi

4_5_64.  Animal Rummy, A Game to Hold onto // 5. Obstacles, Think Outside the Box // 6. Non-Traditional Puzzles

“My youngest loved the unusual animals and plants depicted in What Do You Know; my parents studied the artwork; my nine-year-old enjoyed displaying her superior knowledge of Spanish; and I was happy to play something that didn’t involve SpongeBob.” — from the Educated Mom (#4)

Can’t get enough of eeBoo reviews? Don’t worry there’s more!

7. Pom Poms on party hats // 8. Back to School Prep and Supplies  // 9.  Unique School Supplies //10. Summer Travel Picks // 11. Must Have Travel Toys

Want to review an eeBoo product on your blog?

Contact Cait@eeBoo.com!

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Proverbs31 Loves eeBoo’s Educational Activities!

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Blogger TheProverbs31 reviewed 3 of eeBoo’s top sellers! Alphabet & Numbers Tot Towers, I Never Forget an Animal Face Matching Game, and the NEW Pattern Scratch Papers. This blogger raves that she loves eeBoo toys for their educational value. Like most moms, she’s says she’s always looking for ”toys that will help me teach my kids.”

The first product TheProverbs31 reviewed was the Alphabet & Numbers Tot Towers. This particular product is rich in developmental benefits. Children actualize their fine motor skills with each block they stack, while acquiring improved spatial reasoning skills as they mentally negotiate how to build a tower that won’t fall down.

Teach your little one (ages 2+) the alphabet, numbers 1-10, animals, motor skills like stacking, building, etc.

The benefits for this product, however, don’t end there! The numbers and letters on each block act as the perfect tool for parents to help their children learn the alphabet and how to count. The pictures with simple words beginning with each letter also act as the perfect first introduction to reading.

Next, Proverbs31 reviewed eeBoo’s I Never Forget an Animal Face. Concentration or Memory games are played by facing all pieces face down in a grid and then lifting up a pair at a time while trying to find a match. Fun to play, this game heightens focus and attention to detail while enhancing spatial memory. The artwork on I Never Forget an Animal Face was beautifully drawn by acclaimed children’s book illustrator, Stephanie Graegrin. Each set has 48 thick durable tiles, making 24 pairs to match!

This game is great for enhancing your child’s spatial memory.

Lastly, the blogger Proverbs31 reviewed eeBoo’s new Pattern Scratch Papers! This craft activity is sort of like “Drawing 2.0.” While children can create a picture, poem, or prose as they would on normal paper, every etch they make reveals an exciting array of colors and designs. This is an excellent tool for parents to use who wish to teach their children the names of colors! eeBoo also produces Foil and Fluorescent Scratch Papers.

What a nifty, creative idea!

You can read the review here!

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The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Picks the Best Games for Pre-Schoolers!

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The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio sought out “easy to do activities with your preschooler that will help them as they learn concepts in school“ for review and two eeBoo activities were among the selected! The two games chosen are eeBoo’s brand new About Face, and eeBoo’s classic Pre-School Colors Puzzle Pairs.

The Oppenheims write that “The most important gifts you can give your child are opportunities for them to see themselves as capable learners.”


One of eeBoo’s newest activities, About Face includes 160 Object Images arranged to look like hair, eyes, a nose, or a mouth. When pieced together, children discover hundreds of possibilities for creating faces. Objects range from leaves to paper clips, light bulbs, and sea shells. All of the objects were found on New York City’s streets and photographed by acclaimed children’s book illustrator Saxton Freyman. Each combination of objects can reflect a different personality, and children get to see how simply changing the mouth may affect whether their Face looks happy, sad, or even surprised.  About Face can be played any way a child desires, but also provides helpful instructions to inspire combinations. Suggestions included are choosing only objects that are red, objects found near the shore, or only objects with smooth surfaces. When following these instructions, children sharpen their memory and recognition skills. About Face awakens children’s natural sense of design, and inspires out of the box visual thinking.

About  Face is for children 3 and up, and retails for $15.00. It is the winner of the Oppenheim Best Toy Award – Gold Seal, and the Oppenheim Snap! Award. The Oppenheim review imparts that About Face is “a good talking game with objects to know and name and extend vocabulary.”


Color Puzzle-Pairs encourages color recognition and naming in young children as part of a fun activity. Each color is associated with simple objects, animals, and food so that kids can carry their color-naming skills into every day life. Every color is labelled to support pre-reading ability and alphabet recognition. Little ones can also master motor skills as they use their hands to piece the puzzle pieces together.

Color Puzzle Pairs is for children 3 an up, and retails for $14.00. It is the winner of the Oppenheim Best Toy Award — Gold Seal!

You can read the full Oppenheim Toy Portfolio review here.

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Toys are Tools Reviewed eeBoo’s Felt Mosaic Game!

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Toys are Tools has reviewed eeBoo’s Felt Mosaic activity. The game inspires kids to work with their hands while arranging brightly colored felt pieces to match a given geometric design. Felt Mosaic won the Oppenheim Best Toy Gold Seal Award.

Felt Mosaic teaches a basic sense of design, along with geometry. Toys are Tools interviewed an educator at top museums such as the MoMA, who wrote that “skills were definitely being worked on here.” The kit comes with 72 practice pieces, all made out of thick, high-quality felt. The pieces are each triangular and encourage problem-solving while thinking about the best way to arrange them to match the design.

Photo Credit for Toys are Tools

The skills learned here can be carried out in future creative play. Toys are Tools writes, “if they want to draw a house, then they know that  they can use a triangle for the roof and a rectangle for the chimney.” Learning basic concepts, such as 2 triangles put together can make a square, teaches early understanding of fractions and mathematical comprehension.

The activity itself is beautiful and fun to work with. The board is flocked, which prevents accidently moving the pieces. The felt is bright, soft, and gives kids a new material to work with that is stimulates the imagination through visual and tactile experience.

Photo Credit for Toys are Tools

Felt Mosaic retails for $18.00. Toys are Tools enthuses, “It doesn’t cost much but when you touch it, you feel like you have something precious in your hands.”

Toys are Tools is currently doing a giveaway. Click here to participate.

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