Craft Idea: Dreamcatcher

Posted by design on Dec 28, 2013 in Be Crafty!

Here at eeBoo we want to inspire creativity. We’ve put together some projects just to get you started—use the skills and ideas in these projects to create your own wonderful creations, the possibilities are endless!

Some Tips Before You Start:

Gather everything you need first!

You can always choose different colors, add new parts or take things away, there is no right or wrong way.

Click on the image below to make it bigger, then save and print! Instead of using the template, draw your own shapes. Get inspired and find other ways to weave your dreamcatcher, or decorate the strands!

Happy Crafting!


eeboo craft project-oct13-dreamcatcher eeboo craft project-oct13-dreamcatcher2

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Blogger S’wicked Adores eeBoo’s Craft Line!

Posted by design on Jun 21, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature

“If there is a kid in your life who’s into crafts—wait, let me rephrase. If there is a kid in your life at ALL, they would have walked into the Eeboo booth and refused to leave. Seriously, they probably would have volunteered to be shipped with the booth back to Eeboo headquarters. Eeboo’s booth was so jam-packed with an expanding crafts line, it was practically overflowing into the aisles…” - S’Wicked 

Eeboo pom pom crafts (Angelica Zambetti modeling pom pom necklace)eeBoo’s Craft Line has been expanding, and some of the newest products are sure to be hits! Check out some of them below!


eeBoo has given this time-tested craft material new life with an abundance of beautiful colors meant to inspire the young crafter! With 100 Popsicle Sticks in 10 beautiful non-toxic colors, the crafting possibilities are truly endless. These simple and familiar objects are perfect for creative experimentation and construction. They are a classic part of a child’s arts and crafts studio. Project suggestions, including popsicle stick animals and crowns, are included on the back of the packaging. Ages 5+


What could be better than a big, bright, multicolored and incredibly soft Pom Pom? One that the young crafter has made himself of course! eeBoo’s new Pom Pom Maker provides the materials and instructions for this simple, irresistible craft project. Just wrap soft yarn around the Pom Pom Maker, tie a few ties, snip a few snips and voila! A poofy, fluffy Pom Pom! Each kit comes with a Pom Pom maker that makes Big (3”) and Small (2”) Pom Pom, 6 ft of yarn in 10 colorful strands, and simple instructions. Comfortingly soft and cheeringly colorful, these home-made Pom Pom can work as decoration, a fun accessory, or a just soft, fluffy keepsake. Replace the yarn when it runs out and the pom pom maker will continue to work for years to come! Ages 8+. 


eeBoo’s popular Paper Chains have been taking the world by storm, and the two newest introductions are poised to continue the trend! Bursting with mesmerizing vintage designs, eeBoo’s Valentine Paper Chains and Halloween Paper Chains are expertly curated for the most festive effect. Both styles contain 120 links and make 24 feet of chain that will make any room a party! And with 30 different link designs for the Valentine Chains and 38 for the Halloween Chains, revelers will have plenty to look at. Beyond party decoration, the Halloween Chains can be used to decorate a porch or front door, and the Valentine Paper Chains make a special gift for a special someone.



Also try our other Paper Chains: Holiday, Ribbon, Animal and Letter!

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Toys are Tools Loves eeBoo’s Scratch Papers!

Posted by design on Jun 14, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature
Blogger Toys are Tools loves eeBoo’s Scratch Papers! This exciting new product quickly jumped onto eeBoo’s Best Sellers list, mere weeks after coming out. It’s no wonder why, when each paper provides a new and beautiful dimension to drawing.
eeBoo produces 3 styles of Scratch Papers: Foil, Pattern, and Fluorescent. In each style, 20 8×8 sheets and a bamboo pencil are provided. 
 You can read the full review here.

eeboo scratch paper copy building 500


“It is also great for little kids who are too tiny for figurative drawing,” Petra commented.  “It’s just such a magical look that you can achieve… If you were to teach about lines and shapes which are sort of basic art education units to teach,” she said, “I think it would be nice for that.”

A new approach to drawing: When you make your mark,
You’re actually scratching brilliant color from the dark!
From beneath the inky blackness, flashy foil will shine
To add light and sparkle every time you scratch a line!

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the Toy Book Loves eeBoo’s Paper Nova’s

Posted by design on May 7, 2013 in Press Articles, Product Feature

eeBoo’s Paper Nova‘s are one of eeBoo’s most beautiful craft activities. Each pack contains 3-20 different vibrantly colored strips of paper, with a baker’s string for hanging. Easy to follow instructions are printed on the back of each pack. Each of the 10 color styles are named after a real supernova — Sirius, Betelgeuse, Procyon, Vega, Alpha Centauri, and more.

Paper Nova press release-lores

eeBoo‘s new Paper Novas are inspired by one of the universe’s most impressive phenomena: supernovas. The new Paper Novas take that sense of wonder and replicate it on a smaller scale, reimaging [reimagining] the supernova as a craft activity. – The Toy Book

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Proverbs31 Loves eeBoo’s Educational Activities!

Posted by design on Apr 11, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature

Blogger TheProverbs31 reviewed 3 of eeBoo’s top sellers! Alphabet & Numbers Tot Towers, I Never Forget an Animal Face Matching Game, and the NEW Pattern Scratch Papers. This blogger raves that she loves eeBoo toys for their educational value. Like most moms, she’s says she’s always looking for ”toys that will help me teach my kids.”

The first product TheProverbs31 reviewed was the Alphabet & Numbers Tot Towers. This particular product is rich in developmental benefits. Children actualize their fine motor skills with each block they stack, while acquiring improved spatial reasoning skills as they mentally negotiate how to build a tower that won’t fall down.

Teach your little one (ages 2+) the alphabet, numbers 1-10, animals, motor skills like stacking, building, etc.

The benefits for this product, however, don’t end there! The numbers and letters on each block act as the perfect tool for parents to help their children learn the alphabet and how to count. The pictures with simple words beginning with each letter also act as the perfect first introduction to reading.

Next, Proverbs31 reviewed eeBoo’s I Never Forget an Animal Face. Concentration or Memory games are played by facing all pieces face down in a grid and then lifting up a pair at a time while trying to find a match. Fun to play, this game heightens focus and attention to detail while enhancing spatial memory. The artwork on I Never Forget an Animal Face was beautifully drawn by acclaimed children’s book illustrator, Stephanie Graegrin. Each set has 48 thick durable tiles, making 24 pairs to match!

This game is great for enhancing your child’s spatial memory.

Lastly, the blogger Proverbs31 reviewed eeBoo’s new Pattern Scratch Papers! This craft activity is sort of like “Drawing 2.0.” While children can create a picture, poem, or prose as they would on normal paper, every etch they make reveals an exciting array of colors and designs. This is an excellent tool for parents to use who wish to teach their children the names of colors! eeBoo also produces Foil and Fluorescent Scratch Papers.

What a nifty, creative idea!

You can read the review here!

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Southern Living Magazine Picks eeBoo’s Crepe Paper Flowers

Posted by design on Feb 27, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature

 eeBoo’s Crepe Paper Flowers are considered an integral piece of the perfect Springtime party by Southern Living Magazine!


eeBoo’s Paper Flowers are among the best selling eeBoo crafts. With 10 color combinations to chose from, these make the perfect decoration for any party.

The Paper Flowers are simple craft activity with all necessary material included, for ages 8+. Each kit includes enough material to make 3 flowers.

Basic Craft activities such as this are an ideal platform for children to develop motor skills, stretch their creativity, and build a positive association with productivity when they get to show off their lovely hand-made flower!

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Retail Parade Raves about eeBoo’s NEW Waste-Not Kits!

Posted by design on Feb 15, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature

One of eeBoo’s newest products, the Waste-Not Animal Kits, are already proving to be a sure hit! This week, this Crafty Project has been featured in the online magazine Retail Parade.


eeBoo’s Waste-Not Animal Kits include all of the required materials, except for a Recycled Object. For the Waste-Not Fox and Chameleon (featured in the review below) and Waste-Not Fox you will need 1 plastic water bottle, and to complete your Hedgehog you will need a plastic yogurt cup. These fabulous critters double first as a Craft Project and then as a new Toy to Play with!


Crafting has a variety of benefits such as encouraging the development of fine motor skills,  helping to foster a joy of productivity (who doesn’t love the feeling a showing off a finished art project?), and awakening a sense of design and visual thinking. eeBoo’s Waste-Not Kits also provide children with the arena to consider reasons for Sustainability and Recycling.


You can read Retail Parade‘s review below.

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Atlanta Parent Picks Play Papers for Holiday Toy Guide!

Posted by design on Dec 6, 2012 in Press Articles, Product Feature

eeBoo’s Play Papers take the traditional concept of origami and reinvents it to be more exciting and accessible for kids! The Play Papers are made in 3 styles; Fun, Color and Shape, and Flowers. Each style features 54 beautifully designed Play Papers for children to cut, fold, and expand their imaginations with! Each pack includes instructions for simple projects, aimed to inspire children to take the leap into crafting. An excellent gift pairing idea for the Play Papers are eeBoo’s Fancy Scissors and Simple Scissors!

eeBoo’s Play Papers are for ages 5+ and retail for $7.99. You can read the review here.

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