the Toy Book Loves eeBoo’s Paper Nova’s

Posted by design on May 7, 2013 in Press Articles, Product Feature

eeBoo’s Paper Nova‘s are one of eeBoo’s most beautiful craft activities. Each pack contains 3-20 different vibrantly colored strips of paper, with a baker’s string for hanging. Easy to follow instructions are printed on the back of each pack. Each of the 10 color styles are named after a real supernova — Sirius, Betelgeuse, Procyon, Vega, Alpha Centauri, and more.

Paper Nova press release-lores

eeBoo‘s new Paper Novas are inspired by one of the universe’s most impressive phenomena: supernovas. The new Paper Novas take that sense of wonder and replicate it on a smaller scale, reimaging [reimagining] the supernova as a craft activity. – The Toy Book

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eeBoo’s Popular Paper Chains!

Posted by design on Nov 13, 2012 in Press Articles, Product Feature

This season, eeBoo’s HolidayPaper Chains are all the rage! Both Gifts and Decoratives and Woman Around Town gave positive reviews this week about eeBoo’s Holiday Chains. This is the first season the Holiday Paper Chains have been out, and have been met with tremendous enthusiasm from the very start!

Gifts and Decoratives reviewed the Holiday Paper Chains for their Product Wire section.

And Woman Around Town reviewed the Paper Chains for their Holidaze: Decorating section.

eeBoo’s Holiday Paper Chains feature beautifully patterned paper links, with artwork by acclaimed children’s book illustrator Melissa Sweet. Each link fits into each other, so no additional material is required. Holiday Paper Chains are the perfect Holiday gift because they act first as a family craft activity, and then serve as decoration. Kids will love to show off their finished Paper Chain as family and friends stop by for the Holidays! Each Paper Chain spans 24 feet, and included 120 total links with 40 different festive designs.

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