Blogger ‘A Life Sustained’ Loves eeBoo’s I Never Forget a Face Matching Game!

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Blogger ‘A Life Sustained‘ loves eeBoo’s I Never Forget a Face Matching Game! They even came up with some inventive ways to play! With her son, the blogger ”played a game in which I asked him to hand me a card by describing it. “Hand me someone with red hair,” for example.” We love this!

The smiling faces of 24 children from countries all over the world are fun and sometimes challenging to match in this memory game. The back cover shows each child and identifies their home country. And for a fun twist on this classic game, eeBoo created I Never Forget an Animal Face. Easily recognizable animal faces are fun to find as players turn over pairs of tiles, searching for a matching pair. Children and adults alike enjoy these games of memory and observation skills!

You can read the review here!

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Proverbs31 Loves eeBoo’s Educational Activities!

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Blogger TheProverbs31 reviewed 3 of eeBoo’s top sellers! Alphabet & Numbers Tot Towers, I Never Forget an Animal Face Matching Game, and the NEW Pattern Scratch Papers. This blogger raves that she loves eeBoo toys for their educational value. Like most moms, she’s says she’s always looking for ”toys that will help me teach my kids.”

The first product TheProverbs31 reviewed was the Alphabet & Numbers Tot Towers. This particular product is rich in developmental benefits. Children actualize their fine motor skills with each block they stack, while acquiring improved spatial reasoning skills as they mentally negotiate how to build a tower that won’t fall down.

Teach your little one (ages 2+) the alphabet, numbers 1-10, animals, motor skills like stacking, building, etc.

The benefits for this product, however, don’t end there! The numbers and letters on each block act as the perfect tool for parents to help their children learn the alphabet and how to count. The pictures with simple words beginning with each letter also act as the perfect first introduction to reading.

Next, Proverbs31 reviewed eeBoo’s I Never Forget an Animal Face. Concentration or Memory games are played by facing all pieces face down in a grid and then lifting up a pair at a time while trying to find a match. Fun to play, this game heightens focus and attention to detail while enhancing spatial memory. The artwork on I Never Forget an Animal Face was beautifully drawn by acclaimed children’s book illustrator, Stephanie Graegrin. Each set has 48 thick durable tiles, making 24 pairs to match!

This game is great for enhancing your child’s spatial memory.

Lastly, the blogger Proverbs31 reviewed eeBoo’s new Pattern Scratch Papers! This craft activity is sort of like “Drawing 2.0.” While children can create a picture, poem, or prose as they would on normal paper, every etch they make reveals an exciting array of colors and designs. This is an excellent tool for parents to use who wish to teach their children the names of colors! eeBoo also produces Foil and Fluorescent Scratch Papers.

What a nifty, creative idea!

You can read the review here!

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eeBoo Gets a Sweet Review

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The French-language blog Baby Storming gave eeBoo’s Candy Matching Game a mention as one of the sweetest child products she’s collected.


eeBoo’s Candy Matching Game is the sweetest way to stretch your memory skills. Not only is the Matching Game a Best Seller, but a winner of the Oppenheim Best Toy Award! Each set features 24 kinds of candy to match including candy corn and conversation hearts, jellybeans and salt-water taffy, truffles and nonpareils! eeBoo produces 5 Matching Games for children 5+, as well as 4 styles for little ones ages 3+. All of eeBoo’s Matching Games are printed on 90% Recycled Grey Board.

You can read the review here.

The English translation is roughly: Because a little a sweets in a rough world is never a bad thing. Because a little sweets honor the world of childhood and innocence. Because these treats are as beautiful as candy is to eat. Because sugar comes in many forms today; candy, pastries, ice cream, macarons and many cupcakes. All of which welcome others into our room and benefits us all!

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