Today’s Parent: Felt MOSAICS’ Divine Design

Posted by design on Apr 18, 2012 in Press Articles, Product Feature

In their May issue, Today’s Parent features Felt MOSAICS, which has been been earning a fair bit of attention lately! The activity is featured under the heading “Divine Design.” Nice consonance!


Consonance aside, we appreciate the attention drawn to Felt MOSAICS’ design, which is well-designed in addition to be an a activity that promotes interest in skill in the area of design. The felt board, felt triangles and images cards are meant to be a simple yet sophisticated entry point into the concepts of design, and we’re glad to hear that it is succeeding! As Today’s Parent says, “the possibilities are endless”!

More information on MOSAICS is available here.

*Please note that the price in Today’s Parent Magazine reflects Canadian pricing. The retail price in The United States is $18.00

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Felt Mosaics Earns Video & Review in Time to Play!

Posted by design on Apr 5, 2012 in Press Articles, Product Feature

Felt Mosaics has earned an excellent review from Time to Play Magazine, adding to the growing voice of public approbation. Time to Play gave Felt Mosaics an average of 4 out of 5 stars, along with an informative, thoughtful review and an accompanying video.

The editors pointed out that the activity, which they felt was best described as a puzzle toy, brings different things to kids of different ages: “The brightly colored triangles and tactile aspect of Felt Mosaic will keep younger children engaged, but older kids will probably have more fun trying to puzzle out how to recreate the designs and images on the cards, especially the harder cards…kids can also engage in open-ended play with the triangle pieces, placing them however they want on the board and creating all sorts of different designs and creations.”

Visit our site for more infomation on Felt Mosaics ! Don’t miss out on the activity that is setting the press a-buzz!

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Two Nods at MOSAICS!

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MOSAICS, a new activity by eeBoo that stands out equally for its beauty, usefullness and enjoyability, has been gaining recognition and approval ever since its release in February. Two recent examples include a video feature in TDmonthly, a leading trade magazine, and a review on the blog Notes from Dawn.

MOSAICS was a staff pick for TDmonthly. Their video demonstrates how the activity works, and shows off the various components, including the felt triangles, playboard and image cards. If  you’re curious, give it a watch! You can also check out MOSAICS here!

Notes from Dawn is a popular blog by a home-schooling mother. After trying out MOSAICS, Dawn was enthusiastic about the possibilities, writing that it “would be an entertaining travel activity; easy to pack and use in the car” and also  ”a great addition to any art curriculum.” The fun factor was not lost on Dawn either, who wrote that the activity is:

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