Gifts & Decorative Loves eeBoo’s Juggling Balls!

Posted by design on May 24, 2013 in Press Articles, Product Feature

Did you know that studies have shown that Juggling awakens the part of your brain that deals with Math? It’s no wonder kids and parents are so crazy about eeBoo’s new Juggling Balls. 

Gifts & Decorative Magazine loves eeBoo’s Juggling Balls! eeBoo’s Juggling Balls are one of the top-selling products that were rolled out this season. The Juggling Balls are available in 6 colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple and Blue! Each style has a unique embroidered pattern, and are covered in a soft velvety fabric. The non-slip fabric serves both the practical purpose of helping the juggler maintain grip, while adding a gorgeous aesthetic value to the Juggling Balls.

Each set includes an instructional poster. The poster is beautifully illustrated, with hints of inspiration drawn from vintage circus posters. 

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TimeOut Kids and Scholastic Love eeBoo’s Travel Bingo!

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This month, TimeOut Kids and Scholastic feature eeBoo’s  Travel Bingo! This rendition of a classic game is perfect for fun on the run, and is a summer vacation must-have. Bingo sheets feature common sights to search for while on the road: gas station, restaurant, smokestack, water tower, bird on a wire, flag, traffic signal, and so on. Each set contains 4 pads of markable bingo sheets, 4 pencils, and a sturdy tray box for storage. As an added bonus, the box is made out of 90% recycled grey-board! eeBoo’s Travel Bingo is a winner of the Oppenheim Best Toy Award!

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TimeOut Kids

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the Toy Book Loves eeBoo’s Paper Nova’s

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eeBoo’s Paper Nova‘s are one of eeBoo’s most beautiful craft activities. Each pack contains 3-20 different vibrantly colored strips of paper, with a baker’s string for hanging. Easy to follow instructions are printed on the back of each pack. Each of the 10 color styles are named after a real supernova — Sirius, Betelgeuse, Procyon, Vega, Alpha Centauri, and more.

Paper Nova press release-lores

eeBoo‘s new Paper Novas are inspired by one of the universe’s most impressive phenomena: supernovas. The new Paper Novas take that sense of wonder and replicate it on a smaller scale, reimaging [reimagining] the supernova as a craft activity. – The Toy Book

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Toys are Tools Loves eeBoo’s About Face!

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Toys are Tools  blogger loves eeBoo’s visual skills activity, About Face

About Face features images of found objects in categories of objects arranged to look like facial parts — such as eyes, a nose, a mouth, and hair. Children are encouraged to flip over and rearrange the tiles to create a multitude of different faces. About Face’s educational benefits are wide ranging, from teaching out-of-the-box visual thinking, encouraging the development of facial expression recognition skills, to teaching color identification (choose only tiles with red objects), to expanding vocabulary as children ask parents what each object is.

Winner of the Oppenheim Best Toy Award, and the Oppenheim Snap! Awards.

See some of the Faces Toys are Tools made, and read the review here

“…it’s such a wonderful way to expand vocabulary associated with feelings.” – Toys are Tools

“Petra Pankow, who has taught me so much about the role of art in education told me this.  “There is a certain magic in this ability to make meaning in this way, that I think, as you grow older you might actually lose this.” – Toys are Tools

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MAC&Toys Has a eeBoo New Favorite: Obstacles!

Posted by design on Apr 29, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature

Blogger MAC&Toys has found a new eeBoo favorite: Obstacles! The new review raves about the developmental benefits, and laughs, that it brings. Obstacles provides children with an assortment of Obstacles to overcome during the game, in order to get back to Home. Tool cards are provided, with wide ranging ideas like a Propeller Hat, Puppet, or a Peanut Butter Sandwich. Each child must mentally negotiate which Tool card is best in each scenario. Obstacles encourages problem solving, cooperation, and imagination.


My favorite way to play the game with a small group of kids is to have them each put down a tool on each obstacle and explain how they would use it.  After each of them has finished explaining how they would use their tool, the group has to decide which tool would be most effective for that given card.  It might take time to negotiate and come to a decision but I think it is a tool that will help our kids in so many life situations.  Learning how to negotiate can be a difficult thing to teach kids, especially the ones that I work with.  Doing it in a fun and lighthearted way may be a good non-stressful way to practice the skill before generalizing it to other life situations. – MAC& Toys

…what I love most about this game is that you can never be wrong and that you are required to really think outside of the box.  - MAC&Toys

You can read the full review here. 

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Proverbs31 Loves eeBoo’s Educational Activities!

Posted by design on Apr 11, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature

Blogger TheProverbs31 reviewed 3 of eeBoo’s top sellers! Alphabet & Numbers Tot Towers, I Never Forget an Animal Face Matching Game, and the NEW Pattern Scratch Papers. This blogger raves that she loves eeBoo toys for their educational value. Like most moms, she’s says she’s always looking for ”toys that will help me teach my kids.”

The first product TheProverbs31 reviewed was the Alphabet & Numbers Tot Towers. This particular product is rich in developmental benefits. Children actualize their fine motor skills with each block they stack, while acquiring improved spatial reasoning skills as they mentally negotiate how to build a tower that won’t fall down.

Teach your little one (ages 2+) the alphabet, numbers 1-10, animals, motor skills like stacking, building, etc.

The benefits for this product, however, don’t end there! The numbers and letters on each block act as the perfect tool for parents to help their children learn the alphabet and how to count. The pictures with simple words beginning with each letter also act as the perfect first introduction to reading.

Next, Proverbs31 reviewed eeBoo’s I Never Forget an Animal Face. Concentration or Memory games are played by facing all pieces face down in a grid and then lifting up a pair at a time while trying to find a match. Fun to play, this game heightens focus and attention to detail while enhancing spatial memory. The artwork on I Never Forget an Animal Face was beautifully drawn by acclaimed children’s book illustrator, Stephanie Graegrin. Each set has 48 thick durable tiles, making 24 pairs to match!

This game is great for enhancing your child’s spatial memory.

Lastly, the blogger Proverbs31 reviewed eeBoo’s new Pattern Scratch Papers! This craft activity is sort of like “Drawing 2.0.” While children can create a picture, poem, or prose as they would on normal paper, every etch they make reveals an exciting array of colors and designs. This is an excellent tool for parents to use who wish to teach their children the names of colors! eeBoo also produces Foil and Fluorescent Scratch Papers.

What a nifty, creative idea!

You can read the review here!

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Canadian Family Reviews eeBoo Juggling Balls!

Posted by design on Mar 26, 2013 in Press Articles, Product Feature

Canadian Family Magazine featured eeBoo’s new Juggling Balls this month! This classic activity uses not only your body, but your brain, too. Studies have shown that Juggling helps to awaken the part of the your brain that deal with Math. The fun colors, embroidered designs and smooth non-slip velvet covering will entice kids and adults alike. eeBoo produces 6 different color choices: yellow (pictured below), green, purple, pink, orange… and the top seller, blue!


Never in the history of performance have juggling balls been so eye-catchingly
pretty! Novice and master jugglers alike will delight in eeBoo’s soft and
perfectly weighted juggling balls – inspiring enthusiasts of this classic hobby
to reach new heights! Each set of 3 balls is beautifully designed with brightly
colored velvet and festive, stitched designs. The set includes a colorful
instructional poster featuring simple step-by-step instructions guiding young
jugglers as they dazzle friends and family. Diameter of ball is approximately 2.5”.

eeBoo’s Juggling Ball set include a beautifully illustrated instructional poster.

Did you know?
Juggling builds more than hand/eye coordination. Juggling and mathematical
thinking are intricately linked! Moreover, scientists have found that juggling is
associated with an increase in white and gray matter in the brain! Perhaps this
explains why juggling has become a favorite activity of computer programmers,
academics and engineers, and is a popular hobby at brainy schools like Caltech
and Cornell!

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German Magazine the Toy Book Reviews eeBoo’s Waste-Not Kits!

Posted by design on Feb 28, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature

eeBoo’s Waste-Not Kits have been reviewed by German Magazine the Toy Book!

 Water lilies

eeBoo’s Waste-Not Animal Recycle Kits are the perfect gift for the eco-minded family that plays together. The simple, brilliant idea behind Waste-Not is to repurpose discarded materials by transforming them into toys. Each kit comes with die-cut felt, a plastic needle and thread. Simple instructions show how to turn such items as a water bottle or yogurt container into an adorable cloth friend, such as a fox, hedgehog or Chameleon. Not only do the kits raise environmental consciousness, but they teach simple sewing skills and encourage the valuable, artistic ability to see an object in a fresh way. Recycle a container and make a friend! What’s not to like? Kits are marked with level of difficulty.


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Southern Living Magazine Picks eeBoo’s Crepe Paper Flowers

Posted by design on Feb 27, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature

 eeBoo’s Crepe Paper Flowers are considered an integral piece of the perfect Springtime party by Southern Living Magazine!


eeBoo’s Paper Flowers are among the best selling eeBoo crafts. With 10 color combinations to chose from, these make the perfect decoration for any party.

The Paper Flowers are simple craft activity with all necessary material included, for ages 8+. Each kit includes enough material to make 3 flowers.

Basic Craft activities such as this are an ideal platform for children to develop motor skills, stretch their creativity, and build a positive association with productivity when they get to show off their lovely hand-made flower!

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eeBoo’s Community is the Star of Time to Play’s Video!

Posted by design on Feb 20, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature

Time to Play Magazine has made Community the star of this video! You can watch it here.

Community encourages children to consider what makes a society strong. Kids start out with a Home Tile, and each choose Location Tiles that represent locations they like within their own Community. This gives children the chance to consider integral places and aspects within their community. A child who loves art may pick the Museum Tile, or a child whose parent is a fire fighter may pick the Fire Station and Police Department Tile. Once all of the locations are in their place, kids use Road Tiles to connect every Location back to Home. Winning results are not guaranteed, so children must give careful thought and planning to how they lay their Tiles. By doing so, children develop foresight and engage their brains! An added benefit, is that Community can be played as a solo activity or as a group!

While Community fits the bill as being a fun and entertaining activity for children, it also serves a much greater purpose. While most games on the market are designed to foster a feeling of competition against players, Community is designed to inspire collective effort and camaraderie. Also, it helps to impart a very valuable lesson many parents strive to help their children understand: the importance of compromise. Since each play takes turns and must use their pieces to reach the end goal together, the best results come forth when players work together. On a practical level, Community provides children with the opportunity to develop their visual-spatial skills as they choose the best Road Tile to use in each space.

Community is for ages 5+, and retails for $19.99.

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