Best Books of 2013!

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eeBoo Tell Me a Story Cards make Toys are Tools Best Books of 2013!

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Washington Family Magazine’s “Best of Award-Winning and Educational Toys”

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eeBoo made the cut twice in Washington Family Magazine‘s Best of Award-Winning and Educational Toys & Games feature. eeBoo’s Classic and Best Selling Tell Me a Story Cards, along with the Sketchbooks and Watercolor Pencils are the two products in the spotlight for this December’s issue.

eeBoo’s Tell Me a Story includes a set of 36 cards, featuring beautifully illustrated and intriguing images. The image cards provide the components for children and adults to make up their own stories. Thematically linked but open-ended images spur the imagination and become the catalyst for creativity. Instructions are included for a variety of games and activities. Tell Me a Story is a Winner of the Oppenheim Best Toy Award, and a best seller!

eeBoo produces 5 styles of Tell Me a Story cards; Mystery in the Forest, Animal Village, Fairytale Mix-Up, Circus Animals, and Little Robot’s Mission. Each card is 3.75” x 4.75”, and slides into a tray box for easy storage. Tell Me a Story retails for $9.99, and is for ages 3+.

eeBoo’s Watercolor Pencils beautiful cover is illustrated by acclaimed children’s book artist, Melissa Sweet. The Walk to the Sea 24 Color Watercolor Pencil set gives children the chance to experiment and explore with colors, and the watercolor effect. The Watercolor Pencils are for ages 3+, and retail for $14.99.

The Watercolor Pencils can be gifted as an inspiring set when given with the matching Walk to the Sea Sketchbook. eeBoo’s Sketchbooks are made with 60 spiral bound pages of thick, high-quality paper. The Sketchook is for children 3+, and is sold at retail for $5.99.

You can read the full review here.

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eeBoo Tell Me a Story Featured on!

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We are excited to announce that eeBoo’s Mystery in the Forest Tell Me a Story cards were one of a handful of  products selected for People Magazine’s feature 9 Learning Toys Your Kids Will Love. The feature details the favorite picks of Kellie Martin, who in addition to being a successful actress is the owner of Studio City toy store ROMP.

Ms. Martin’s guide explains that the “whimsical cards are great for building pre-reading skills of sequencing, story-telling, vocabulary development and narrative” and that ”Even adults love these cards!”. Our Tell Me a Story Cards have long been eeBoo favorites and continue to charm parents across the country and over seas! Just as our Mystery in the Forest style is illustrated by children’s book illustrator Melissa Sweet, our other styles also boast beautiful artwork by such beloved illustrators as Stephanie Graegin, Saxton Freymann, Lizzy Rockwell, and Brandon Reese.

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Melissa Sweet Inventor Profile by Toys are Tools plus Giveaway!

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Photo of Melissa Sweet, courtesy of Melissa Sweet and posted by Toys are Tools


Toys are Tools recently interviewed eeBoo artist, Melissa Sweet! The interview gives beautiful insight into the mind of the maker of many designs on eeBoo’s products. Melissa Sweet is the artist behind eeBoo’s best sellers like the Life On Earth Matching Game and Tell Me a Story – Mystery in the Forest!




In the interview, Melissa Sweet explains that she wants her art to be approachable for kids. Her designs are simple and clean, yet captivatingly beautiful. Despite her talent, Melissa Sweet holds herself to be “living proof that you’re not born drawing well.” She believes that everyone can be an artist, and creating art shouldn’t be intimidating for youngsters.

Melissa Sweet has illustrated one of eeBoo’s Learn to Draw Books and brought to the design process the conviction that ”every kid wants to feel good after they make something.” eeBoo drawing books aim to embolden children to explore their artistic nature without reservation or shyness.

Melissa Sweet discusses the benefits of encouraging kids to draw. She expresses that she ”would say there might be a difference between looking at something and actually seeing it and when you draw, you have to see it.” In turn, she says, eyes are opened up to appreciating other manufactured goods. All products begin the same way — on a piece of paper. “So for instance, a kid’s sneakers – It had to be drawn first,” Melissa explains. We love the idea of children becoming aware of the artistic talent behind the objects they use everyday!


Melissa Sweet keeps eeBoo Paper Flowers in her studio!


You can read the interview here. Don’t forget to participate in the giveaway of 2 Melissa Sweet books on Toys are Tools website!

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Local Tuscon News Segment Features eeBoo’s Tell Me a Story!

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Channel 4 Local News in Tuscon, Arizona recently did a segment on the best products to use for story time. eeBoo was brought on by shop owner of Mildred & Dildred, who introduced eeBoo’s Tell Me a Story cards. Tell Me a Story has won Oppenheim’s Best Toy Gold Seal award.

The cards can be enjoyed at any age! The segment discusses the advantage of the Tell Me a Story cards for both parents and kids. Parents can use this as an inspirational tool when their kids ask them to tell a story. The cards are for ages 3+, and young kids can use these cards to help make up a story of their own.

The cards come in themed-packs of 36, each with unique illustrations. The images have the right level of ambiguity that leaves the power of imagination and interpretation up to the individual child. The cards can be played as a game by shuffling the deck and using the top card diligently, or can be used as a visual plot map by selecting and arranging cards in order to depict a created story.

Tell Me a Story retails for $10. Tell Me a Story is also part of eeBoo’s literacy line, including Make Me a Story and Write Me a Story, which retail for $14 and $8 respectively.

You can watch the segment here.


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