Mac&Toys Finds an Educational Goldmine in eeBoo’s Mosaic Game!

Posted by design on Apr 12, 2013 in Learning through Looking, Press Articles, Product Feature

Blogger Mac&Toys has reviewed eeBoo’s Mosaic Game! eeBoo’s Mosaic Game is a fun-yet-educative activity, that is heavy with developmental benefits. Arranging the felt triangles to recreate the picture on a given card elicits spatial reasoning while providing a space to boost hand/eye coordination.

For the youngest children, the beautifully dyed felt triangles are a perfect tool for teaching color and shape identification. As kids begin to age, eeBoo’s Mosaic Game introduces fractions as players mentally negotiate how many triangles are needed to make a given shape.

Children and adult art students alike can improve their sense of design and exercise innate creativity while mastering the process of making images on the cards — and coming up with new designs of their own!

“With a hands on approach, you can use the triangles to teach younger children about colors and a variety of shapes. ¬†You can also work on improving fine motor and grasping skills when picking up and releasing the different shapes.” – Mac&Toys

You can read the full review here.

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