The Today Show features eeBoo!

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Stephanie Oppenheim selected a number of Toys to help your kids succeed at school on the Today Show, and included eeBoo’s new Sketchbooks and Play Papers!



eeBoo’s Play Papers come in 3 design styles, and provide an excellent arena for the improvement of motor skills. Each Paper features a beautiful and unique pattern to inspire the visual senses. Play Papers include 10 simple project ideas with instructions, but can be used in any way a kid dreams up! Play Papers are for ages 5 and up, and retail for $7.99.


eeBoo has recently introduced 5 new styles of Sketchbooks!  The Sketchbooks are 8” x 11” and spiral-bound. Each includes 60 sheets of high-quality sketching paper, and provide the ideal space for children to flex their artistic muscles. The Sketchbooks are for ages 3 and up, and retail for $5.99.





These Two Covers

Glow in the Dark!


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Model Retailer Magazine Highlights Obstacles & Sidewalk Games

Posted by design on Oct 27, 2011 in Press Articles, Product Feature

Model Retailer Magazine, an industry trade publication that covers craft and hobby trends for retail owners and entrepreneurs,  has joined in the chorus of praise for Obstacles and Sidewalk Games!  Both games are included in the feature story entitled “Play Your Heart Out,” which highlights games meant “to delight and challenge” customers.


eeBoo’s greatest aim is to make games that are both delightful and challenging to children! Obstacles invites children to both have fun by using their imaginations and learn the merits of cooperation, while Sidewalk Games promotes the fun of outdoor, active play while also challenging children to learn about games from other cultures.

You can download the November issue of Model Retailer Magazine for free here.

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