Gifts & Decoratives Adores eeBoo’s Waste-Not Kits!

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Gifts and Decoratives features eeBoo’s Waste-Not Kits in this months’ issue! eBoo’s Waste-Not Animal Kits are the perfect gift for the eco-minded family that plays together. The simple, brilliant idea behind Waste-Not is to repurpose discarded materials by transforming them into toys. Each kit comes with die-cut felt, a plastic needle and thread. Simple instructions show how to turn such items as a water bottle or yogurt container into an adorable cloth friend, such as a Fox, Hedgehog or Chameleon. Not only do the kits raise environmental consciousness, but they teach simple sewing skills and encourage the valuable, artistic ability to see an object in a fresh way. Recycle a container and make a friend! What’s not to like? Kits are marked with level of difficulty.

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