Saxton Freymann on Illustrating for Children

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before and after

Sequences and Before & After, illustrated by Saxton, promote logical ordering and help build executive function skills. While practicing these activities children are improving memory and recall, articulation of beginning, middle and end, and prediction, all of which are crucial for strong reading comprehension. Retailers, this item is now shipping! Consumers, you can find these products at your local eeBoo stockist, or on


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Stationery Trends Selects the Best Eco Products, Including eeBoo!

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Stationery Trends Magazine picked out their favourite eco-friendly products, including eeBoo’s Respect the Earth Flash Cards. Friendly animals show simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in the 48 cards that demonstrate answers to questions about relationship to the larger world that children can relate to. Whether reinforcing rules or introducing children to unfamiliar situations, these cards inspire conversation about responsibilities and values Parent cards describe ways to use the cards and suggest ways to reinforce conscientiousness. Engaging animals respectfully sharing basic concepts were created by author and illustrator Saxton Freymann.

eeBoo has reinvented the traditional Flash Card, with these adorably illustrated Responsibility Flash Cards; if you like Respect the Earth, you might also enjoy Good Citizenship Flash Cards and Good Manners Flash Cards. All designed by acclaimed childrens’ book illustrator, Saxton Freymann!


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Woman Around Town Reviews the Creative Possibilities for About Face!

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Woman Around Town reviewed eeBoo’s About Face for this years’ Holiday edition. About Face, one of eeBoo’s newest games, has been met with tremendous enthusiasm and has quickly climbed eeBoo’s ranks of Best Sellers. Not only has About Face become a strong seller, but it is a winner of the Oppenheim Best Toy Award — Gold Seal, and the Oppenheim Snap! Award.

About Face features images of found objects in categories of objects arranged to look like facial parts — such as eyes, a nose, a mouth, and hair. Children are encouraged to flip over and rearrange the tiles to create a multitude of different faces. About Face’s educational benefits are wide ranging, from teaching out-of-the-box visual thinking, encouraging the development of facial expression recognition skills, to teaching color identification (choose only tiles with red objects), to expanding vocabulary as children ask parents what each object is.

Children reap the creative potential found in open ended play when playing with About Face. The writers of Woman Around Town report two kids’ imaginative play in their Holiday review. You can read the review yourself, seen below:


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