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Posted by design on Nov 18, 2014 in Just for Fun

It’s true, we don’t post here as much as we’d like to! It’s hard to find time between fielding phone calls, packing up samples and of course playing lots of games and crafting until we’ve covered our fingers in white bear glue!  We’ve also been gearing up for a new product release, the holidays, and eating so much stuffing we’re literally stuffed.

But I wanted to pop in here and share a couple of things that have been meandering across our computer screens:

1. The sound of  Comet 67P singing into space. 

2. Remembering to bring out our Autumn Crafts this time of year, like this felt wreath  and this autumn crown.

3.  Reading some nice eeBoo reviews: some that highlight how GREAT crafting is and others on why pipe cleaners are good stocking stuffers! Check out all our pipe cleaner colors here! 

4. Even though Halloween has come and gone we’ve enjoyed reading about Devil’s Bridges. each with a story of soul-selling deals and outwitting Satan Anyway you slice it, the bridges are pretty cool!

Well, that is a brief update from the eeBoo team! We’ll keep you posted with other fun finds :)


PS, one of us dressed up as a Cactus for Halloween:

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