eeBoo’s USA Bingo: Best Educational Toys on Today Show!

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Do you already watch the Today Show? If so, you probably spotted eeBoo’s USA BINGO featured as a “Best Educational Toys”. Stephanie Oppenheim, of the Oppenheim awards, did a spot and featured eeBoo. The clip is super cute and has kid’s playing the game.

Scroll ahead to about 2:50.  Our favorite moment is when Matt Lauer asks about facts- yes of course there are fun facts on the back of each card! That’s what eeBoo is all about, learning through play.

Purchase US Bingo at your Local Toy Store or visit our eeBoo online shop. 

Congrats to all our fellow toy companies also featured on the show!


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eeBoo on the Today Show!

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eeBoo’s Juggling Balls were featured this morning on the Today Show! The Juggling Balls are among eeBoo newest products, and already shooting to the top as best sellers. Each set of eeBoo Juggling Balls include 3 Juggling Balls, a beautifully illustrated instructional poster, soft non-slip velvet, embroidered motifs unique to each style, feature vibrant and gorgeous colours, and are filled with non-toxic pellets for a traditional feel.

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Did you know that studies have shown Juggling awakens the part of your brain that deals with Math?


Juggling is an engaging tool, it grows your brain! It helps in school!

You can view the clip on the Today Show here.

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The Today Show features eeBoo!

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Stephanie Oppenheim selected a number of Toys to help your kids succeed at school on the Today Show, and included eeBoo’s new Sketchbooks and Play Papers!



eeBoo’s Play Papers come in 3 design styles, and provide an excellent arena for the improvement of motor skills. Each Paper features a beautiful and unique pattern to inspire the visual senses. Play Papers include 10 simple project ideas with instructions, but can be used in any way a kid dreams up! Play Papers are for ages 5 and up, and retail for $7.99.


eeBoo has recently introduced 5 new styles of Sketchbooks!  The Sketchbooks are 8” x 11” and spiral-bound. Each includes 60 sheets of high-quality sketching paper, and provide the ideal space for children to flex their artistic muscles. The Sketchbooks are for ages 3 and up, and retail for $5.99.





These Two Covers

Glow in the Dark!


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